With Tekken 7's New Filipino Character Josie Rizal, Expect More Failipino Pride Coming In!

Brace yourselves, Pinoy Pridists who can be alternatively called Failipino Pridists coming!  While I have NOTHING against Namco's new character Josie Rizal (but please DO change her surname), I am expecting a flood of Failipino Pridists.  Based on my experience, FLIPFAG nationalism is nothing more than a series of self-contradictions.  I will probably discuss on my experience before I'll start talking about this new character in Tekken.

Pinoy Pride always has its tendency to shift for convenience as we know it especially with the, "Sariling Atin Only" Mentality.  I remembered how I used to be in a FLIPFAG infested environment where people would say, "You should prefer only made in the Philippines." and even one "values education" teacher taught it like calling patriotism as, "Only buying your country's products." even to the point of taking Jose Rizal and Mahatma Gandhi out of context.  What made my FLIPFAG peers hypocritical was that they were playing video games, watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on their favorite network ABiaS-CBN, eating Jollibee while hating Chinese (back then, I had no idea the restaurant was ran by a Chinese) or at times, they also display the trait some FLIPFAGs have called the American Superiority Mentality which comes into a weird mix with their ultranationalist views.  Again to point missers, DO I NEED TO STRESS THAT BEING A FAILIPINO IS A CHOICE?

In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (which is one of my favorite fighting games), there's a stage called Coastline Sunset set in the PHILIPPINES even with Timezone spelled out (by the way IT IS AUSTRALIAN, NOT FILIPINO MADE).  I would suspect that Katsuhiro Harada was thankful to a lot of Pinoy Tekken fans (and ironically, some of them are FLIPFAGs).  I would admit that maybe, just maybe that Pinoy Pride comments were already coming in!  I would admit that some of my FLIPFAG peers then said, "See?  The Philippines is now recognized!  Woohoo!  We are the greatest!" which they made Coastline Sunset their favorite stage to play in, just because IT WAS SET IN THE PHILIPPINES.  I will admit that though the stage rendition was nice, my favorite stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the Winter Palace.  I'm not being a colonial mentality person, I am just saying that while I do like the Philippines' located stage, but as said, I can like foreign stuff over Filipino stuff and VICE-VERSA.  Again, be ready for a lot of POINT MISSERS!

So I could imagine that Tekken 7 is already coming out.  There's the possibility of Failipino activists who will play the Victim Card mentality again, then when the game comes out, they might change their stand again.  I mean, I might really start with the possibility that when a Tekken 7 competition will come to the Philippines, I might expect those annoying Pinoy Pridists to make playing only as Josie Rizal as their rule and gloat a lot if they win.  I might expect for the nuisance that maybe if I were to join, beat a contestant using ANY character (I prefer to use Kazuya and Jin) and DEFEAT the player using Josie Rizal, they might shout again, "Get rid of Filipino-Chinese."

I will admit that while I do appreciate Harada recognizing the Philippines but having the first Filipino Tekken character is NOT a source of Pinoy Pride.  Enlightened Pinoys know better than to have Pinoy Pride in their systems because, they are decent individuals compared to Failipinos who continue to ruin the Pinoy image with their actions.  Again, where's all the point missers?!