Wake Up! The Philippines Isn't Ready to Beat China!

A clear picture of China beating up the Philippines so easily!

I thought about a stupid Youtube video (with that idiotic Tsinoy, President Nobita) that claimed that the Philippines can beat China but oh really?  I can't help but die laughing at the video because the current state of the Philippines is way much different than the time Douglas Macarthur set foot.  The Philippines today thanks to the Marcoses and almost every succeeding administration is a losing country.  Douglas Macarthur may have had impressive Filipinos under his command but today, the Philippine Army is already a weaker force and it needs to be SERIOUSLY MODERNIZED.

During the Mamanosapano incident, the Special Action Force of the Philippines resulted to the death of at least 44 officers, the whole event was a fiasco especially with stupidity involved.  The Philippine Army is not the same Filipinos who were known for bravery and courage.

The whole mishandling of the PNP of the Rolando Mendoza Incident back in 2010 was proof enough that the Philippines is not ready for an all out war against China.  If China sent its forces because of President Nobita refusing to apologize, how much more if it's against a Chinese invading force?  To be honest, I wouldn't dare declare an all out war against China!  They could have just used a sniper to SHOOT Rolando Mendoza down and rescue the hostages.  Their lack of competence (and no thanks to the Commission on Human Rights), their lack of preparedness and uncontrolled situations show that the Philippines' defense force needs serious upgrade!

The Chinese military has been modernized making it a dangerous force to reckon with.  They have trained their soldiers for even the dirtiest situations.  They also are learning various ways of Sun Tzu's Art of War, which was also used by the Chinese Communists to win in various situations.  Meanwhile the Philippines continues to suffer from incompetence in the military forces and the SAF-related disaster was not a joke at all.

What the Philippines really needs is to MODERNIZE its military, develop better training strategies and the like in order to cope up against disaster.  It cannot rely on America forever consider that the allied country's economy isn't as good as it used to be either.  Forget about Pinoy Pride and it's more than time to develop a military for the Philippines with better equipment and training.  Otherwise, the Philippines will be always susceptible to more and more bullying than ever.  China is no longer a force you can just ignore!

If worse comes to worse, this could be the result of the Philippines after a war with China... and President Nobita cries as he lost his country.