Lessons To Be Learned From The Three Drug Mules' Deaths Last March 30, 2011

After writing about lessons to be learned from Flor Contemplacion's 20th death anniversary, today is the anniversary of the death of the three drug mules namely Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva. May I begin my stressing some lessons that can be learned from the incident.

1.) The drug mule phenomenon itself is a rising problem among OFWs and note, they are NOT dupes, but they willingly did their part

While there are decent OFWs with a plan, but I have to admit there are more OFWs that remain poor. When I think of OFWs, they do earn more abroad but they end up spending all that hard earned money on stuff that they do not really need like video game consoles or worse, feeding the mouths of lazy fiends (friends) and/or relathieves (relatives). While in Singapore you may earn PHP 13,035.95 to PHP 16,294.93 a month but that means a lot of HARD work right? On the other hand with the spendthrift habits of OFWs that they spend their salary so fast, they want easy money right? The narcotics industry is one of the fastest ways to earn an easy buck and with their spendthrift lifestyle and some of them are lethally combined with a super expensive taste may be a major contributor to why a lot of OFWs choose to become drug mules. Oh puh-lease don't give me the "I didn't know I was carrying drugs excuse.", it's getting older than my late grandmother's dentures!

2.) Like the late Flor Contemplacion, any plead to get them released was useless not to mention unethical

Now not every failed rally is unethical, I mean I don't condone to what the Chinese military did during the infamous Tiananmen Massacre. But the students there protested for democracy and respect of human rights and even if it was a failed cause, the students fought for the right cause. The problem has to be that these rallies for the drug mules were useless. If a democracy like Singapore would have Flor Contemplacion executed after being found guilty, don't expect a Communist state like China to give in to their pathetic wailing. Atty. Benito Lim from Ateneo de Manila simply stated, "If you do the crime, you do the time." In China, they really don't care who breaks the law... if you break the law, expect to be in the chopping board. China has had a lot of executions of criminals because of the fact that a lot of counterfeiters and drug dealers come from their country. Realizing that fact, the Chinese government didn't hesitate to attack its own people who were guilty of doing so. Unlike in the Philippines that sad to say, the Commission on Human Rights is actually Criminals Have Rights. No amount of singing "Kahit Konting Awa" (Just A Little Pity) would have made a change.

3.) The victim card mentality is prevalent in the Philippines even after Flor Contemplacion's death

It seems to be that the late Flor Contemplacion has become an invoked name whenever a guilty Filipino is rightfully scheduled for the chopping board for a crime they committed. For them, they have the mentality that no Filipino can do no wrong. It's already getting old with their "NO TO ANOTHER FLOR CONTEMPLACION" protests because if you do the crime, you do the time. They would even make up lies like Singapore doesn't punish its guilty citizens (HUUUUH?!) and to China and then (insert country) for doing that offense, while they may have the erroneous believe that such countries are solely targeting Filipinos. It's getting tired with that Filipinos are an oppressed race way of thinking.

4.) The three drug mules had the chance of a FAIR trial

The three drug mules were arrested on 2008 and they were executed on March 30, 2011. They had the chance of a FAIR TRIAL and please, do not keep using that fabrication called the Flor Contemplacion Story as a source! Remember they were arrested on 2008 with the dates of December 28, 2008 (Credo), December 24, 2008 (Villanueva) and on May 24, 2008 (Batain). Remember they were given a FAIR TRIAL in spite of the fact that they were in a Communist country where human rights are hardly known. To be honest, the example of a fair trial here really makes Communist China look more morally upright than the Philippines where a lot of crimes hardly go unpunished. A fair trial was given to them and an investigation was done which had proven their guilty. As said, you do the crime, do you the time!

5.) Even after being proven guilty, FLIPFAGs will continue in their victim card mentality without considering the real victims

Rather than learn from the incident, they instead ended up making "heroes" out of the three drug mules, saying they were just "victims" who did not know they were bringing drugs or harmful narcotics (HUUUUHHH?!) to China which I wanted to do a facedesk again and again. They started making their Anti-Chinese sentiments, useless tears and they started making a lot of blame towards China and nonsense statements. Like one FLIPFAG even said he wants the late Rolando Mendoza to be declared a hero after the incident. Another FLIPFAG said he wanted China eradicated and all Chinese exterminated for the incident. If they hate Chinese so much, why do I still see such people eating siopao, malling at Filipino-Chinese owned malls and eating at Jollibee?

6.) Drug syndicates must be dealt with thoroughly

While the mules and pushers got what they deserve, the drug syndicates must be removed. You cannot have a justice system that is punish only the doer of the action or punish only the who gave the order. Remember you have the free will to choose either to do what you are told or not to, like you can choose to be killed or choose to sell the drugs and not be killed. At the same time, most of the time, any drug cartel whether it's in China or the Philippines or wherever, most of its pushers and mules are WILLING carriers. The problem with the Philippines is that just pay some money, the higher ups of the drug syndicates get away free. I mean, Chinese drug dealers (a lot of them are NOT even legitimate citizens of the Philippines) can just pay the customs and they operate, pick up some lazy FLIPFAGs and make them into their drug mules right? If a drug syndicate must be dealt with, EVERYONE involved must be punished.

7.) Economic protectionism must be removed to significantly reduce further cases of OFW drug dealers

Again, how many times must it be stressed that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion and that the OFW phenomenon does not mean the Philippines is the ruler of the world?! As long as economic protectionism persists, the economy is only GDP increased but not an increase in employment. I mean, if the government got rid of that stupid 60/40, the Philippines would have had better progress because there will be more employment and squatters who seek to stop being squatters can find a better job. But all their stupid pride and FLIPFAG logic is really stopping improvement from ever happening. Come on, the government should see the reality that foreign investment will help the Philippines progress from its current state. Instead, the government just keeps choosing to defend its allies (yes protectionism is a blessing IF you are an oligarch) instead of opening up the economy to help improve the lives of people for real, not create a stupid welfare state.


  1. Tragically, this is a practice that had been more and more accepted by desperate Filipinos. Since the probability of being caught is not that high, it is a risk worth taking, considering the rewards later. It is an act stemming from the difficulty of leaving the country than an act of greed. This is a very sad reality.

    1. I don't know about your thinking that it might be an act stemming from the difficulty of leaving the country than an act of greed. I do think that there's the wish for "biglang yaman" because of utter difficulty. What do you think?


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