Commission on Human Rights in the Philippines Is Nothing More Than Stupidity

The position that Etta Rosales holds as the Commissioner (better called Konsomisyoner) of the Commission on Human Rights is really nothing more than stupid, stupid and STUPID.  After I read that the Mamasapano Tragedy was not a massacre (from ABiaS-CBN), I am amazed by how STUPID she really is.  Stupid not because of her IQ (I don't care how high or how low it is) but she has willfully thrown away common sense in exchange for whatever agendas she has.  

Meanwhile Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte calls her a bad example.  All I can say is that, I agree with him even if I'm a bit skeptical on what negotiations he has with the terrorists in Davao.  But as far as concerned, he is right to call her a bad example for not supporting Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista for slapping twice an arrested DRUG DEALER.  Come on, if issues like drugs and the like arent' dealt with in Manila, how can it progress and attract more investors compared to other parts of the Philippines?  I mean, the Visayas has had a serious drug war and it has led to its economy improving.  If Manila does the same, then it may also soon end up really dealing with every problem it should have dealt with for over two decades now!

Backtracking last 2011 of March 30, the exact date of the execution of the three drug mules, it was also reported that death penalty is inhuman, saying China is a human rights violator over the deaths of Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain.  Excuse me... but even if China is a Communist state, it has sadly become more moral than the Philippines.  If you remember the melamine incident, they recalled EVERY Chinese food product and later, executed the corrupt health minister Zheng Xiaoyou for his corruption while in the Philippines, no disciplinary action has been done against Stinky Soliman.  Another is when China does not defend its guilty citizens, the Philippines keeps doing so.  I mean, it's already absurd that a dictatorial Communist state ends up having more morals than the Philippines which supposedly believes in human rights.  She also appealed to the victim card, saying that the drug mules were only victims and they didn't know that they were carrying drugs.  UGH... excuse me but that's REALLY stupid!  Besides, any rally to save any GUILTY Filipino abroad is usually useless but what makes it stupid is because it's pretty much unethical and immoral.

Consider that when death penalty when used right really brings justice to society and it's far more humane than life imprisonment.  Here's a bit of logic when you think about it.  Supposedly a woman is about to be raped and brutalized, don't tell me it's wrong for her to kill the rapist when her life is in danger?  If killing is the only option left, don't tell me killing becomes wrong like in the Rolando Mendoza incident?  Also, with the narcotics dealing issue, I believe it really deserves death depending on the amount reached.  Narcotics is a huge harm to society and like cancer, it must be gotten rid off and BOTH the masterminds and their underlings must be punished depending on the severity of the offense.  Also, crimes like massive murder and huge plunder deserve to be put to death to save society.  It's a common argument to say, "What about the families of the criminals?" but have we forgotten, "What about the families of the VICTIMS?" to the argument.

If the Philippines just continues to play the victim card and not punish crime as crime is due, how can it see progress?  Besides, a lot of people refuse to see the difference between discipline and dictatorship, Communist state and disciplinarian state because we need a balance of rules and freedom to achieve a better Philippines.


  1. Their stupidity has been showing up lately again.


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