The Epals and Hypocrites of Politics May Consider Crucifying Themselves This Good Friday

Somehow, I could not resist thinking of how epal candidates are. Mar Roxas himself had shown several levels of epal when he became a laborer, a tricycle driver, a traffic aide and painter to gain the attention of the people. Meanwhile, I remembered the joke I wrote that President Nobita performed the penitensya.  Now I thought it might be the most absurd thing if hypocritical and/or epal candidates may consider doing the absurd, that is the penitensya.

The act of penitensya means penance, or an act to do something to atone for one's sins though the whole meaning has been distorted by some Filipinos who took it to a whole new level of wrong. The Philippines had a practice of supposedly flagellating one's self while wearing a crown of thorns, get crucified and then go down from the cross after a certain period of time. It was even featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Pinoy Pride anyone? What I think would be interesting is if the politicians actually took their hypocrisy or epal to an intergalactic state by doing the penitensya. What if these politicians who are desperate for a vote may soon do beyond the usual "pakitang tao" charity in the slums? What if they decided to crucify themselves to get a vote?

I could imagine a few who are most likely to crucify themselves. One may be President Nobita if he wants to show everyone he's "sorry" for the SAF mishap. You may even have some possible candidates that may want to crucify themselves. Think what if Mar Roxas or Jejemon Bitay may consider performing the penitensya. What if Bongbong Marcos may also include himself in performing the penitensya in the bid for another Marcos presidency? What if Bum Aquino may consider crucifying himself so he can be re-elected as Senator? Name your candidate! I bet tourists would want to see it and they would be featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not.