Possible Foul Play Against One Direction's Concert Organizers by Philippine Government?!

First and foremost, I'm not a fan of One Direction but I feel that this is OPM protectionism at its worst again.  Just recently as I read from Phil Star, One Direction concert organizers are asked to pay PHP 400,000.00 worth of cash bond by the Bureau of Immigration.  Last year, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson were involved in a marijuana incident.  They already cleaned up their act to where they had offended.

So what's my reaction?  I am already suspecting foul play against One Direction for this reason...

If your remember last year, when the tickets got sold out, there was a mini-chaos that ensued in SM Mall of Asia.  It was the first time that it happened that people lined up that LOOOOONG just to get a ticket and were willing to spend a ticket that's super duper expensive.  Nobody ever went that crazy over OPM in the past.  Rather than innovate, one has to think that the Failipino culture always begs for protectionism rather than to see to be competitive.   Again, I am just making assumptions but I might be getting somewhere.

Again, why do I feel the government is using the whole "anti-drug' thing as an excuse?  Are they really trying to protect OPM again?  Most likely and again, ever wonder why the Philippines has No Direction?!