Crab Mentality And The Recent Mamasapano Tragedy

Crab mentality can be understood in a bucket full of crabs. Having had observed crabs whether it was bought by my late paternal grandmother or in a restaurant, I have observed how crabs behave. Whenever a crab tries to escape, the others would drag it down that is you don't want to see others succeed and you attempt to hog the glory for yourself. Likewise, I have observed it how often it happens among Pinoys that crab mentality is more common among them than not. It was just like somebody I knew how wanted to prove himself superior above others at the cost of his group suffering from a delay thanks to his arrogance. Come on, it's a GROUPWORK and everybody must contribute and cooperate, not compete against each other!

What I would like to point out was especially about the SAF Incident that I have discussed on the dinner table. The SAF Incident could have been minimized if not prevented if their was actual cooperation of the soldiers. Lt. General Rustico Guerrero and Major General Edmundo Pangilinan did not comply with the order of President Nobita to reinforce the beleaguered SAF commandos according to Manila Standard Today. If that is true, then crab mentality would have been the entire end of 44 SAF soldiers all because of two crabs in the military.

If I'm not wrong, Maj. Gen. Pangilinan belittled the deaths of the 44 SAF commandos saying something as stupid as, "Well, it's over. We caught Marwan." Come on, just to catch one person it looks like 44 SAF commandos have been sacrificed in the process. Then later, that idiot CHR chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales (who by the way is part of AkBobo) would dare say it wasn't a massacre. All I can say is WTF, F*CK YOU and whatever bad words come into my heads thanks to the whole belittling of the death of 44 SAF Commandos to that idiot lady. Worse, one has to consider how the Nobita Presidency may not be taking the matter seriously. Those deaths are indeed a real cause to mourn, not the non-attdance of Zayn Malik in the One Direction concert.

When I think about Maj. Gen. Pangilinan and Lt. Gen. Guerrero one may consider that they did not back up the beleaguered SAF commandos for this reason. My possible assumption is that they wanted the glory for themselves at the cost of others. In short, they were self-serving and did not think of the fate of others. Military work is groupwork and EVERYONE must cooperate or disaster happens. A united army allowed Mao Zedong to overthrow Chiang Kai Shek's government and set himself as a dictator, a united army allowed George Washington to expel the British from the United States while a divided army is just going to collapse within itself. To be honest, if those two were really guilty of not sending support, I'd suggest they be placed in reclusion perpetua or life imprisonment charged with the murder of the 44 SAF along with everyone.