The Possible Dangers of a Jejemon Bitay Presidency This 2016!

Yup the Bitays have completed their political dynasty!

If enduring a 2010-2016 administration led by a man-child is already bad enough, Jejemon Bitay as president may be even worse.  Why do I think it is worse?  The Bitays are no better of a political dynasty than the Aquinos.  Jejemon becomes vice president, then do expect the Bitays to get away with their crimes.  I mean, Mayor Junjun Bitay is a corrupt mayor, Senator Nancy Bitay's cake scam is indeed not worth the cake, you know everything about the Bitays would be very bad.

Why do I think Jejemon Bitay is skipping investigations?  I do suspect he is really guilty.  It's just like when Pink Lacson fled away, he must have had some charges.  Running away instead of facing the investigations can be used as proof of Jejemon Bitay and his family are guilty of the scams they are accused of.  After all, didn't the Bitays accumulate so much wealth as a political dynasty in the first place?  Just because I'm against Aquino does not make me want to support Jejemon Bitay.

Some people may argue that Jejemon Bitay would be a better alternative to President Nobita but I think not.  I started to consider the cycle of vindictiveness.  If President Nobita can use scapegoats especially with Gloria Arroyo as his favorite scapegoat, do expect Jejemon Bitay to do the same.  Jejemon who proposed house arrests for his friends like Juan Ponce Enrile, Unggoy Estrada (fortunately his father Mayor Sherap didn't help him out) and Gloria Arroyo is most likely to free them when his term comes in.  It's not just one or two but for every Bitay associate that will get freed from their corruption charges.

Nobita Aquino goes to jail but... the cycle of favoritism goes on

So while I do agree that President Nobita and his cohorts should go to jail but Bitay will just turn the tables.  That is, there's no complete justice to just lock up President Nobita and his fellows in jail WHILE those convicted friends of Bitay will get pardon.  If you want justice, choose no one who is guilty and give them punishment just the same.  If President Nobita should have his next term in jail, the same should go to EVERY last politician who broke the law.  There should be no room for favoritism and compromise.

Knowing the super expensive taste of the Bitay clan (I do have expensive taste in some areas like I love gelato ice cream of selected flavors or I love Army Navy though I drive around a decade old car, eat popsicles and love mongo beam soup which is a food for lower income people), the Bitay clan is most likely going to get someone worse than Kill Henares.  The Bureau of Internal Revenue Robbery is most likely going to increase tax charges higher than it is now to satisfy the needs of the Bitay Dynasty.

Also, with their favoritism and friends, one has to consider that the more the Philippines will suffer from economic protectionism because of their friends.  The system has been established by the Marcos Years, now it's continued even UNTIL TODAY... same policies for most of the time, different authorities.  With continued protectionism, how can the Philippines pay back its foreign debt if the taxes collected are insufficient due to lack of businesses?  You may even get worse protectionism than before with 70/30 which will further discourage foreign investment.

President Nobita, soon to get his karma by 2016?

Again, it will be the cycle of blame game.  While President Nobita may be enjoying his using Gloria as his scapegoat but let's just see what if Jejemon Bitay becomes president by 2016.  Bitay may bring up the blunders of the man-child President Nobita (get the wheelchair ready) but making the would-be former president as the new national scapegoat is no better than it is with Gloria Arroyo.  It might be fun to see VP Jejemon Bitay give President Nobita a taste of his own medicine but... it's not justice.  If you want real justice, LOCK ALL GUILTY PEOPLE UP NOT JUST YOUR POLITICAL ENEMIES.  Real justice demands that anybody who is guilty should be punished and anybody who does the crime must DO THE TIME.

No picture of Elizabeth Batain here...

Not to mention, I could raise again the issue during the time when China executed the three drug mules.  To be honest, I am sometimes disgusted to think why a Communist dictatorship like China can be at times, more moral than the Philippines.  China has attacked its own citizens who were guilty of crimes worthy of death, they are alert with the offenses of their citizens and during the melamine incident all the proven guilty suspects were given their just desserts (while Stinky Soliman gets away with it).  As much as China is a dictatorship or that they should really STOP their harsh population policies (and the Philippines should try to encourage people not to multiply like rabbits), however one cannot deny it's stupid when a Communist country ends up displaying more morality than a country that claims to believe in human liberty and freedom.  If a country truly believes in liberty and freedom them it should punish ANYBODY if necessary PUT TO DEATH anyone who does a heinous crime.

So what does this have to do with VP Jejemon Bitay?  Just in case you forgot, VP Jejemon Bitay himself went to China begging for the pardon of the three drug mules.  WTF!  If the Philippines wants to prove itself more moral than China, then it should not condone to the sins of its citizens even to plead for their release when they truly deserve the chopping board.  Having a president who will waste taxpayers' money trying to set free guilty Filipinos abroad will just waste the money even more aside from using national budget for his shenanigans.  It's already bad enough that the Philippines is mostly ran by criminals whether it's the late Ferdinand Marcos or the incument President Nobita, how much more if Jejemon Bitay is in power?

Sad to say but the Philippines has been stuck in an Aliens vs. Predator battle in politics, regardless who wins we are all going to lose!