Earth Hour Becomes A Huge Pile of B.S. Especially With FLIPFAGs' Dirty Habits, DEAL WITH IT!

Not so much of an Earth hour run isn't it?
Today is Earth Hour and heck, I am NOT participating in that stupidity because I should be environmentally friendly all year round. For example, I minimize the use of plastic, I practice recycling, I turn my biodegradable waste into compose for my garden, I use unleaded gasoline, I make sure my car is not smoke-belching, I don't litter and those simple practices are more beneficial than turning off your power for an hour right?

I just thought of how Ilda from Get Real Philippines wrote a similar post on Earth Day Fun Run was not so fun for the environment. Why did she write that post? I remembered the event had a fun run AND guess what, the run was hypocritical. I couldn't get over the sight of how FLIPFAGs are with their cleanliness habits. If you take a look at the picture on the left, you can see how hypocritical it was. If it's supposed to be a run for the Earth, look at what they did. They threw away all their paper cups and garbage JUST EVERYWHERE. Also, what may be possible is that some of those who were joining the fun run for Earth are also supporting the stupid idea of giving squatters humanitarian rights, as if squatters themselves were not contributing to the destruction of the environment. The whole incident could have made an interesting episode in the now cancelled Captain Planet series!

I have observed that FLIPFAGs themselves are really not really concerned for the environment. Now turning off the lights for an hour to save power might be effective but that is not enough, I have observed how often FLIFPAGs are really, really destroying the environment in way or another. The Earth Day Fun Run fiasco is not just the only way that happens. You should take a bigger look of what happens whole year round. I would really want to show some examples of what's really going on. It would be helpful to look at a bigger picture than just turn your lights off for an hour. If you take a bigger picture, do expect to be disgusted and butthurt if you yourself happen to be doing some of the stuff I have mentioned. Besides, prepare for more butthurt because I am presenting harsh facts and realities that make Earth Hour USELESS and MEANINGLESS in the Philippines unless something is done about it.

Pro-environment? Save the trees? Please pick up ALL YOUR GARBAGE FIRST!

I have noticed how FLIPFAGs actually DO NOT really care about their environment. When I proposed implementing Singaporean style discipline against littering, somebody said, "Bah! How dare you promote the discipline of the country that slain Flor Contemplacion?" to me. I have observed how often envirnonmental offenses like littering everywhere, vandalism, using too much electricity (like partying until morning), wasting paper, wasting water, not having your car engine maintained so it doesn't release carbon monoxide, public urination and not to mention public defecation (UGH) are are made as "trivial matters". Little do they realize that such "petty" offenses can cause problems in the long run. They spread bacteria (I mean why do you think in the first place that the body must expel poop and pee?!), invite pests, they also can be toxic to the environment, wasting paper will soon require more trees cut than usual, contaminate water supply, make the air so toxic you can't breathe. I do also blame David Guerrero's stupid slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" for taking part in creating a culture of dysfunction. After all, just insert offense and it's more fun because it's in the Philippines right? Facepalm!

Celebrating Earth hour is useless IF you are a pro-squatter!

Maybe I should mention also the hypocrisy can also be with supporting squatters especially that dumb hag Etta "Madame Victim Card" Rosales and her Commission on Human Rights or the removal of the Anti-Squatting Law because it was enforced during the Marcos presidency. For anything, squatters also contribute to environmental damage with their dirty lifestyle. I remembered the time I went to the slum areas, I could really tell the environment was ruined. The water really is obvious to be undrinkable and I don't even want to taste it lest I risk landing in the hospital. I have noticed they throw their dirt into the river, they use it as their toilet and they are really treating it as a trivial matter. So what if they are born squatter? Some squatters have the decency and ambition to do odd jobs so they don't remain as squatters and leave it as a bitter memory that must be left behind. However, sad to say but it seems to be already part of FLIPFAG pride to either stay in the slums or to support the slums. It's all part of that destructive anti-elite mentality.

If one must make Earth Hour meaningful, then BE environmentally friendly. Don't overuse electricity, save water, recycle when you can, plant more trees, regulate tree cutting seasons, make people who dirty up the places pay a high fine equivalent to Singaporean dollars (that should be a real butthurt), start promoting reusing plastic bags and do whatever it takes to keep the environment CLEAN AND GREEN. Earth Hour is useless unless being Earth friendly is done at a DAILY BASIS.