Marcoses VS Aquinos Is An Aliens vs. Predator War: Regardless Who Wins, We LOSE!

The latest Aliens vs. Predator movie... starring President Nobita and Senator Bongbong now in theaters!

While I am skeptical of any alleged charges against the late Corazon Aquino or the late Ninoy Aquino, however the problem has to do with the Marcos vs. Aquino war as of recent. It's an Aliens vs. Predator war between the Marcos loyalists (those IDIOTS who keep insisting that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos years were the best years when it is NOT) and the Aquino loyalists who are making incompetent members of the late Ninoy's clan as leaders because... of Ninoy Aquino (especially that dimwit President Nobita Aquino and the perverted Senator, Bum Aquino). I am writing this right now because some people are already thinking of giving President Nobita Aquino a second term while others think Senator Bongbong Marcos may be the best bet for 2016.

Freddie Aguilar could sing "Anak" and go to jail for singing it to President Nobita...

Now let me get this straight. The late Cory may have had her blunders in her six year term like the blackouts but she had limited the presidential powers to prevent another Marcos dictatorship. Unfortunately her idiotic son might still be seeking a second term, has been adding unethical stuff NOT in the 1987 Constitution (DAP, PDAF) and has only done vindictive battles and instead of correcting mistakes of is mother's constitution, he only adds more mistakes to it like the anti-cybercrime law. In my own opinion, the late Ninoy was right to leave Sabah to Malaysia, because Malaysia owned it. However, the current head of state President Nobita might be trying to sell Mindanao to Malaysia, a reversal of the late Ninoy's defense of Malaysia's sovereignty to Sabah.

Now here's what I could not stand with the Aquino loyalists' STUPIDITY... they really have no logic except that, "If you are against us, you are for Marcos!" or statements like that. What they don't realize is that the cybercrime law implemented by President Nobita is against the very stand of the late Ninoy's battle for freedom of press during the martial law era. By wanting President Nobita to have a second term might create an Aquino dictatorship. A dictatorship is a dictatorship REGARDLESS who is sitting. Whether it's a Marcos or an Aquino, a tyrant is a tyrant and there is not much difference regardless who sits down in power and abuses his power.

One may also consider the Marcoses.... and sad to say that while a son should not be blamed for his father's mistakes, a father can be blamed (to some extent) to why the son is like that. I mean, maybe the late Ninoy had his own fair share to why his son President Nobita is like that. But I'd like to talk about Bongbong Marcos who right now has pork barrel charges, corruption charges... like father, like son when it comes to that area. The Marcos loyalists would say, "If you are against us, you are for Aquino." Man, how stupid is their logic anyway?! Marcos loyalists logic is just as warped and not to mention STUPID as the Aquino loyalists logic.

Marcos years were the best years? I would admit that while the late Ferdinand E. Marcos was indeed a brilliant man and stuff like economic progress did happen, he later took the fruits of his progress for himself. It was just like Julius Caesar... a dictator who made Rome to progress but later caused it to hate him for his corruption. During Marcos' administration, political opponents were either jailed or arrested and anybody who spoke against the administration's deficiencies were either locked up or even killed. The Marcos years may have had sacked some people who deserved it but it also was getting personal. Marcos only sacked the Macapagal cronies but protected his allies. Today, President Nobita continues that ill legacy built by Marcos in some way by continuing economic protectionism (Marcos started the crony system), protecting his allies while sacking his enemies and the implementation of that nonsense cybercrime law.

For their information, the Marcos' ill-gotten wealth is NOT a myth (and neither do I justify the alleged accusation that Ballsy Aquino is wearing Imelda's necklace). I mean, if Imelda R. Marcos' huge shoe collection would not prove anything, I wonder what does? I mean, doesn't Bongbong's luxurious life also make you question anything?! Besides, the Marcos wealth is so well-recorded that he deposited his ill-gotten wealth and now Bongbong is enjoying it. Even if I am not an Aquino loyalist, it does not mean I will side with the Marcoses either. I mean, come on aren't there other choices?!

Maybe I should mention how both Aquino loyalists and Marcos loyalists are NOT reliable sources. I read how great Marcos is (never mind he has a lot of false war records AND Bongbong's degree in Oxford may be fake as well which is still subject to confirmation) and how stupid Aquino is from a Marcos loyalist and I read the reverse from an Aquino loyalist. Both sources are biased, just like ABiaS-CBN with all the yellow journalism. Liberating ABiaS-CBN but not regulating it was a mistake considering all ABiaS-CBN done is be biased, present yellow journalism and hide the stench of the Nobita Administration. On the other hand, the bitter Marcoses are destined to throw one accusation after the other, may even try to gain sympathy from other major powers just to further their agenda.

What is really needed is to be rational about candidates. There can be good Marcoses, good Aquinos, bad Marcoses and bad Aquinos, I wouldn't be biased just because one is an Aquino or one is a Marcos. Candidates must be chosen for their CREDIBILITY not WINNABILITY. Elections in the Philippines is no fair and credible contest but winning by either Hocus PCOS, Hello Garci and more importantly voters who are stupid called BOBOTANTE (who say I'm stupid for rejecting their votes). I mean, it's hypocritical to charge Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for the Hello Garci scandal yet a lot of President Nobita's men won by Hocus PCOS (even without the machine, he'd win anyway thanks to all the BOBOTANTES) and besides, because of a screwed up culture, most of the Marcoses and Aquinos are taking it to their advantage in their bid to rule the country for their own clan's benefits.