President Nobita's Administration Threatens Free Speech TOO MUCH!

I have to be honest but his late father Ninoy Aquino said these words, "You can end the man, you can imprison his body, but you cannot imprison his soul.  And as long as man will refuse to be defeated, you are never defeated."  The late Ninoy fought for freedom of speech and two, he may have given Malaysia what was rightfully theirs.  Remember the Marcos years?  Those years were not the best.  Now even the Nobita Administration is not the best as Get Real Philippines reveals that he threatens to crush his critics.

So what's the reality of the Nobita Administration?  Remember the Anti-Cybercrime Law?  The Anti-Cybercrime law wasn't really a law to stop cybercrime, it was more of political vindictiveness because of people who were pretty much angry with President Nobita's incompetent ruling.  If anybody can remember the 2010 incident, some people had already gone mad with President Nobita's refusal to apologize to Hong Kong for the botched incident which strained Philippines/Hong Kong relationships.  In order to counter any ridicule made against him, he made the cybercrime law constitutional just so he can get even especially with people who demand real reforms than his childish vindictiveness.  A lot of stuff were hidden and people are demanding more transparency from the Nobita Administration.

 I don't see this Photoshop as a cyber crime!

The Anti-Cybercrime law was in short, trying to reverse the freedom of speech that the late Ninoy fought for during martial law.  While President Nobita may go ahead and hate the Marcoses, the anti-cybercrime law's libel clause badly needed to be redefined.  It would lock up anyone for making up a joke about politicians (like that picture above) which is comparable to blowing up a forest to kill a deer.  The law was passed because sad to say, most politicians in the Philippines are very thin-skinned people like most of the people who voted them.  Most Filipinos are also very thin-skinned that they are quick to throw a tantrum or even hit someone for saying something that has offended them, even if the other person was either correcting their wrong actions or offering helpful advice.

If President Nobita wants to have the Internet monitored just to make sure articles like this don't pop up, then he's doing cyber martial law for his whiny behavior.  All I can say is, perhaps some the worst critics he can get are people like me, people who voted for him only to get a really dissatisfied performance.  Instead of focusing on more important stuff like the death of 44 SAF soldiers, the financial scandals involving DAP and PDAF, and many more and yet he refuses to resign.  All I can say is he has NO RIGHT to criticize the Marcoses if he has decided to crush his critics because that's what the late Ferdinand E. Marcos did.  Again, what does it take me to convince those STUPID NOBITARDS that just because I am against President Nobita that I am supporting Gloria and Macoy.