Why President Nobita's Blaming Of Gloria Arroyo Won't Help The Philippines

The Nobita Aquino administration in one picture...

First, I would like to address just because I am criticizing the current performance of President Nobita Aquino or that I speak against Kris Aquino demanding for a separation of Kris and State, DOES NOT MAKE ME A PRO-MARCOS OR PRO-ARROYO. I am here to be more rational than those Aquinotards or any form of political retardation by pointing out the facts.

Okay I will not deny that Gloria Macapagagal Arroyo herself was corrupt but that does not make President Nobita a saint. Looking at how the whole administration of President Nobita was, much of its rule was always blame Gloria, blame Gloria and blame Gloria. Not even Gloria had the habit of blaming Joseph "Sherap" Ejercito Estrada that much, as to go as far to give him a pardon (although Sherap should have served more jail time for the jueteng scandal). But Sherap's jueteng is not much compared to President Nobita's mismanagement of funds like the DAP and PDAF scandal which is another reason why Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Romualdez Marcos won't make a good president either.

I would like to address that President Nobita is no better than Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He's a credit grabber, a person who does not believe in accountability and a lazy president. In fact, all these traits aren't making the current administration better. Either he tries to shape up or it's really time to ship him out.

In due fairness, MRT accidents were MUCH LESSER during Gloria's term!

In due fairness, Imperial Manila's conditions weren't as bad during Gloria's term. The MRT problems DID NOT happen during the Arroyo Presidency but during the Nobita Presidency. Even with all her corruption charges, she was serious about the economy and getting businesses booming. Remembering the Gloria administration (which I hated), in due fairness the peso went strong against the dollar and two, the alleged electoral sabotage was a blessing in disguise. Having the late Fernando Poe Jr. as a president would have driven the Philippines to further chaos.

Blaming Gloria for the MRT may sound as preposterous as events in a child's fairy tale book. Looking at the wicked fairies and witches in fairy tales, don't they cast hexes causing the impossible to happen? Likewise, President Nobita blaming Gloria is somewhat telling the whole nation that she has the ability to cause disasters. In fact, the investigation against Gloria's criminal offenses is more of a witch hunt in fairy tales than an actual fight against graft and corruption. I mean, anybody who commits a crime is no better than Gloria even if they are friends of President Nobita.

Yup! Just hide the results under the tatami mat and... BLAME GLORIA AGAIN!

The Nobita Administration would picture itself like the cartoon Nobita who always hid his test paper results under the tatami mat, only to be discovered by his mother (who visually looks like the late Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino). While Gloria is not blameless, President Nobita isn't blameless either considering the DAP, PDAF, refusing to apologize to China for the hostage crisis and current the SAF blunder. So who's to blame again? Gloria? It's as if Gloria was there to lead the SAF or that she magically hexed them to their deaths.

The corrupt Gloria has inadvertently exposed the character of President Nobita as a whiny hypocrite who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. The administration itself is nothing more than vindictiveness against Gloria by removing her appointees while covering up his friends like Butcher A-Bad, Franklin Drilon, DSWD Secretary Stinky Soliman, Justice Secretary Liar Dilemma, Alan Impurisima, Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr., Getulio Napenas, etc. from accountability for their crimes? It exposed him to be still carrying the practice of cronyism just like the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. did and seeking a second term would create an even bigger Aquino dictatorship ruled with incompetence. While I couldn't approve of a dictatorship under Gloria, I couldn't approve of a dictatorship under President Nobita either.

What President Nobita should have done is focus on correcting any mistake done in previous administrations and his own mistakes. We all make mistakes and we need to have guts to accept that we are wrong. Unfortunately, accepting one is wrong is difficult if not painful and people tend to want to avoid pain and problems. I mean, there's always the problem of one's ego that tempts anybody to say, "I am never wrong! I am always right!" Mistakes are like tumors, they must be addressed to and dealt with before they become malignant. Unfortunately, for President Nobita's attitude to ignore any valid criticism and to continue insisting he's always right hasn't really done to change the Philippines as much to make it reach the level of GDP as its developed ASEAN countries.

All I can say is, Aquinotards are stupid because even when the truth is made obvious, they still refuse to accept the truth and prefer to believe in a President who came from nine years of politics with ZERO achievement, free riding on his late father Ninoy and later he became president just because his mother died, who also became president because his father died. Besides, he's a man-child of a president who I regret voting for in the first place!