When Will Failipino Activists Learn That Rallies and Protests To Save Failipino Criminals Abroad ARE USUALLY USELESS and MORE IMPORTANTLY, UNETHICAL?!

"Blessed Flor Contemplacion, deliver them on the hour of their death..."

After recalling the events of Flor Contemplacion's 20th death anniversary the other day, I thought about the drug mules' death anniversary is this March 30 and it has been four years. I would like to address the STUPIDITY and FUTILITY of Failipino activist groups like Migraine International, Bobo Muna, AkBobo, Gabriela and the like in their rallies to save guilty Failipino criminals. Some crazy fat blog Murican said about this matter as, "That's what makes life worth living in the Philippines, a people who stands by their citizens no matter what." It's not surprising he said that considering the fact he'd rather trust criminals instead of law enforcers, saying law enforcers kill for no reason and criminals kill for a reason. To be honest, I'd avoid any stupid confrontation with that fat blob whenever I can but still use him as an example of people who adore FLIPFAG stupidity.

To be honest, what is so amazing is that it's been 20 years of Flor Contemplacion's execution from March 17, 1995 and now it's March 17, 2015. That means, even after two decades, many people still consider her innocent even when she's guilty. During that time, some Failipino activists groups were rallying for the release of Flor Contemplacion from Singapore. When the execution was carried on, they all started their anti-Singaporean feelings and anti-(insert country) whenever a guilty Pinoy gets the execution he or she deserves. The movie based on Flor Contemplacion's movie was nothing more than a huge fraudulent movie to appeal to the victim card mentality. Instead of learning lessons from the Flor Contemplacion incident in Singapore, the victim card mentality goes on and on. They even declared her as some kind of inspiration for their group Migraine International (real name is Migrante but I love calling it Migraine) and she is even invoked like some patron saint.

An entire night of non-heroic cause... there is nothing heroic about not wanting justice to be done especially for Pinoys who commit a huge crime just anywhere...

What makes the whole stupidity really amusing is that they rally late at night, perhaps even cause unnecessary traffic and well, stress because it's all going to go to nothing and even if it lasts until morning, it will still go to nothing. Worse, they are holding prayer rallies not for justice to prevail but for the pardon of a guilty criminal who has already harmed many lives in the process. Prayer rallies should be made for right to prevail, not for the condoning of a wrong. When asked about why they are holding prayer rallies for the guilty, they answer something stupid as, "Those drug mules didn't know that they were carrying drugs." excuse or go as far as to keep blaming China or (insert nation) for the issue of drugs. Or say like, "Well it's the fault of the Chinese that the drug industry happens." NEVER MIND that the reality is, drug mules know what they were carrying and they were not three blind mice!

Don't get me wrong about failed rallies as sometimes they happened for a moral cause. For example, one can remember the peaceful Tiananmen protest which sadly ended in a massacre. The people in Tiananmen Square massacre did a peaceful protest against the Chinese Communist government's lack of concern for human rights. Although they have failed to toppled down the Communist rule of their time, many people died but I cannot deny how the whole Tiananmen Square incident's failure was for a real moral cause. On the other hand, the Failipino activists' failed rallies were for the reason of hoping for pardon for guilty Failipinos abroad. It's like the fact that sometimes a prayer goes unanswered even if it was for a good cause (example is a person dying of cancer is better off dead than continuing to walk in further agony and death has become the only liberator) for a greater cause. But sometimes a prayer is unanswered because it wasn't a good cause at all. It's a case to case basis and everything deserves to be subjected to scrutiny and logic rather than one's misjudgments and feelings.

That is much different than what the Failipino activist groups were doing. They do have their logic screwed up and worse, they are actually bullying Pinoys who refuse to stand by Pinoys who choose to break the law abroad. For a decent-minded, rational Pinoy his or her stand is, "Any Pinoy who does the crime is just as guilty as everyone else and should do the time. Pinoys are no better than any other race. We are all just human beings with a few differences." For the Failipino activists, any Pinoy who commits a crime abroad deserves to be pardoned for whatever stupid reason they may have. Sometimes, they may even spew nonsense like, "Well Pinoys can do no wrong. Foreigners are always wrong." which as I love to say, it's plain stupid.

The reason why these rallies are wrong is not because they are futile but because they are condoning the criminal activities of Pinoys who do their crimes abroad. Nothing should be rationalized or condoned. A Pinoy who kills another person out of self-defense deserves to have a tiresome rally because that murder was for self-defense. Killing a person when your life is in dangerous is hardly considered murder just like some Pinoy women who had no choice but to kill their lecherous employers for attempting to rape them. However when a Pinoy does something like cold-blooded murder (ex. being part of a gang, killing a person because of a dispute, killing a defenseless child, killing a person to cover up a crime to name a few), drug trafficking and any crime worthy of the chopping board then one must consider that rallying for them is not ethical at all. They are unethical as I said, not because they will not be answered but because it's condoning to crimes done by one's countryman.

To further expose hypocrisy of these Failipino activists, more often than that that I hear of this. They demand every guilty foreigner punished but every guilty Failipino freed. At the same time, whenever a Pinoy does not condone to the crimes done by a fellow Pinoy, these Failipinos are quick to unfairly accuse the good Pinoys as "not being nationalists" since they consider their Failipino value of standing by their guilty citizens as nationalistic. Failipino justice is really worse when you consider that for all they know, the guilty Failipino they want freed has also caused the death of a fellow Filipino during that crime abroad just like the late Flor's killing of the late Delia Maga (whose death was later "wiped" towards her employer even when evidence suggests otherwise). Besides, I'm not writing this because I'm of Chinese descent but because I really hate every Failipino activity that is causing decent Filipinos to be unfairly lumped together with those Failipino rallyists.


  1. If I may say so, they're just all-bark-no-bite...

    Not that I support them, but if they want their cause to be heard, they should do some real damage. Sure, they do cause traffic disruptions, but these are not enough. Speaking of which, I wonder why they haven't resorted to violence yet... :P

  2. "If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime"


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