How Can the Philippines Achieve Progress If FLIPFAGs Ignore EVEN SIMPLE TASKS Such as Cleaning the Place Up?!

Is too too much to ask those FLIPFAGs to clean up the place?!
Looking at this picture at the Makati City Hall left by Bitay followers (since Mayor Junjun Bitay is also facing corruption charges too and I believe every Aquino guilty should be locked up as well), one can see a real dysfunction of the Failipino or FLIPFAG culture in the Philippines. This is a really horrid sight for any decent Filipino/Pinoy who does his/her part to be a decent citizen by adhering to proper guidelines. The incident shows just what kind of culture is really prevalent in the Philippines. Typical Pinoy or better yet called the FLIPFAG because Pinoy is just a neutral term while FLIPFAG is meant to be an offensive term, sad to say there are more FLIPFAGs among Pinoys than there are decent ones among them.

So what do dirty places tell us about Failipino culture? Failipinos who think that they are the greatest race in the world which can also be called the "haciendero mentality". Remembering the incident when ABiaS-CBN somehow sensationalized when Mr. Tsip Chao called the Philippines a "nation of servants", that many Failipinos found the whole idea as racist and stupid while decent-minded Filipinos didn't consider it racist. The idea of calling the statement "The Filipino is a nation of servants." is not racist because for one, being a servant is NOT a foul profession unless you are a servant of criminals and the like. It would have been racist if the Philippines was called "a nation where all people are thieves, prostitutes and drug mules" which is but a rude generalization. At the same time, those Stinkaporeans who wanted to get rid of all Filipinos just because of that stupid Failipino, Edz Ello, has brought down every decent Singaporean who were fighting against any form of racism.

I remembered how some FLIPFAGs in school have the nerve to refuse to clean up the place. I remembered how for them, a simple task such as picking up a piece on paper on the floor for them is "degrading" because there is the janitor to do the job. When the teacher politely asked them to please pick up the piece of paper that went unnoticed, they answered back and shouted at her, "We're not janitors!" While janitors are there but it doesn't mean one can just continue to cause a mess and leave it to the janitor. Learning simple stuff such as cleaning the classroom and keeping the classroom clean teaches obedience. It is not degrading but it helps because it's not all the time a janitor is there. Also, janitors were meant to clean stuff while the students are in their classrooms, not to do all the cleaning for the students.

When I think about how the typical Pinoy or the FLIPFAG belittles menial work such as cleaning up the place or taking out the trash, it ultimately creates a generation that is rebellious and hardheaded. If they are allowed to refuse to do "dirty work" then how can they be entrusted with bigger things? Remember, whoever cannot be trusted in little cannot be trusted in much. Doing small jobs such as cleaning your room, fixing your bed, etc. gives one the necessary training to be a responsible person. I have noticed how these FLIPFAGs love to use the word "janitor" as a degrading word towards anyone they hate. For them, jobs like being a janitor, a welder, a waiter or whatever is never glamorous and they want easy jobs. I have observed how in one area, a Tagala (a reference to a Tagalog lady) was so rude she threw her garbage anywhere, she would look down at people in the service industry and once incident, she even splashed the juice at the waiter's face because the order was taken to the wrong table. I'm not here to demean Tagalogs but sad to say, a lot of Tagalogs are really very arrogant and dirty.

What is worse is that what accompanies this laziness is their spendthrift habits and worse, most of them have expensive tastes like wanting a VIP ticket to a concert even if it costs much or rejecting a Toyota in favor of a BMW never mind they are BWM or broke without money. Somehow, the lazier the person, the most spendthrift they tend to be which in turn, they want easy money. Such a very bad attitude makes them easy targets for illegal Chinese businessmen who are involved in any form of unethical business such as illegal weapons trade and drug trafficking. It reminded me of studies of OFWs with bad spending habits. While being a maid in Singapore means having much higher payment than being a maid in the Philippines but it's one week of scrubbing and sweeping before one gets the huge pot of gold right? On the other hand from what I heard, drug dealing may not always be an everyday transaction, which in turn it's very difficult to prove resulting to a three years investigation of the three Failipino drug mules prior to being proven guilty for execution.

There are decent Pinoys who do not look at being a servant or doing menial work such as picking up garbage, sweeping dirt and not looking down at people in the service. They somehow look at the Chinese who in the past, were lowly workers before a lot of them became top businessmen. Before Lucio Tan became Asia Brewery's CEO, he was a janitor at a tobacco factory, even he proudly admitted that fact to the writers of Forbes magazine. John Gokongwei during the time their family fell into crisis and seeking to recover lost fortunes, did every menial job he could to meet both ends. Before Manuel Pages became an outstanding Pinoy businessman in Cebu, he humbly carried on his work, saved a lot of money from his office jobs and by age fifty, had the capital that he and his family needed to form a family business. I even know someone in spite of having a spendthrift lifestyle (he's also somewhat a braggrat), however as a huge dislike for publicity calling it "useless media" that while he brags he has an i-Phone, he was still seen driving the same old car for a decade and he was willing to eat cheap popsicles with his lawyer friend who was a simpler man than he was.

As said, Pinoy Pride will not help the Philippines. Go ahead and say you'll punch me for rejecting that wrong value but it's true, Pinoy Pride is what's dragging us down. While a certain amount of pride is healthy but too much of it kills. Being humble is the only way to go. I mean, even if you don't necessarily become Gokongwei or Bill Gates but being humble helps a lot to keep one from a state of utter misery. For one, I will always call myself as a nobody even if I do have some decent income. Even if a person may not become a billionaire or super businessman by swallowing one's pride and doing hard work (not everyone has Gokongwei's financial and business skills), but the most it can do for most of the humble population is to produce a healthy, productive middle class life with money to make ends meet.