Do FLIPFAGs Think They're Taking Over The World Huh?!

Memories of distant past have started to show up in my mind. Horrible experiences with FLIFPAGs as a child was never pleasant. FLIPFAGs have their mentality to brag about the OFW phenomenon. They think that becoming an OFW means Filipinos are taking over the world. But the contrary is very, VERY FALSE. W on OFW means WORKER and WORKER means you are under a master. Overseas Filipino Worker MEANS a Filipino who is in SERVITUDE TO A FOREIGN MASTER.

The problem of OFW phenomenon was already in the late 90s but I had no idea why. What I discovered from the 1987 Constitution was that it carried over the protectionist policies from the 1972 Constitution. Because of the 60/40 policy, it restricts foreign investments all with the excuse that "foreigners will take over the country". Instead, it was really to protect incompetence. I mean logic dictates... if foreigners do business in the Philippines, AREN'T THEY UNDER FILIPINO AUTHORITY INSTEAD OF THEIR HOME COUNTRY? Foreign businesses running in the Philippines must comply with SSS, PAG-IBIG and pay Philippine taxes if they want to continue and not be shut down... even if they own it 100%!

Sad to say but one value that is prevalent among MANY Pinoys is this. They think they are someone and sad to say, that value was propagated with three centuries of the Spanish colonization. Some Spanish I know even admit that a lot of their people are "el hombre" or arrogant in their language. They think they are a special someone. Whenever a Pinoy makes it big abroad, they immediately shout, "PENOYS AR DA GRATEST!", pardon the Carabao English but I love mocking that trait that's common among them. Just because Pinoy makes it big abroad does not mean Pinoys in general are taking over the world. Some Pinoys have had just enough of the Philippines... I can understand why some areas of the Philippines have a massive exodus of Pinoys.

So why do MANY PINOYS (the Failipinos) hate the idea of good Pinoys who want to repeal 60/40? It's simple... they will lose their cause and hold of power. For one, I don't even believe that these Failipino activists are really helping OFW welfare in general. It seems to be that these Failipino Activists love to use the plight of OFWs by mixing the victim with the criminal. That is, they confuse one who is abused vs. the abusive. It's because it gives them ground. One may wonder why the Philippines is STUCK with Congressmen and Senators from parties like Migraine International, Bobo Muna, Akbobo and the like. It's because they have their foothold. By infiltrating the Philippine government, these FLIPFAG politicians will one way or another continue protectionism while opposing other idiots... just to look good.

What's even more facepalm is when one of these annoying FLIPFAGs I personally know (and now ignore, he's a real troll) even said, "I'm fine with 60/40. Just imagine, foreigners only own 40% here in the Philippines, we own 60%. While we can invest 100% around the world. Our OFWs are the key to Pinoy World Domination. Soon the world will be under the control of the Philippines! We Pinoys are dominating the world you Chinese fag. Go back to China and see if your people can help you! Hahahahahahah!" Well all I can say is he is SADLY MISGUIDED and NEEDS TO BE SLAMMED BACK TO REALITY. I wouldn't be surprised if he's saluting Ramon Credo, Sally Villanueva and Elizabeth Batain as "heroes" just as he did to Flor Contemplacion WHO WAS OBVIOUSLY GUILTY.

So what can every decent Pinoy do? Decent Pinoys must continue to show their support for PUNISHING THE GUILTY PINOYS. If those FLIPFAG activists can rally, maybe it's time for decent Pinoys to hold their own rally too. They can always say, "NO TO PARDON OF OUR GUILTY COUNTRYMEN! SAVE THE PHILIPPINES FROM THEM!" Now only if some decent Pinoys in good health can actually rally that Singapore will actually give punishment due to Edz Ello. They can post something like, "NO PARDON FOR EDZ ELLO. HE DID THE CRIME, HE SHOULD DO THE TIME." to piss off those annoying FLIPFAG activists. This way, decent Pinoys can show the world that not all Pinoys are bad, only the FLIPFAGs.