FLIPFAG Pride Is Like Having an Overdose of Pain Relievers

FLIPFAGs (Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely/Perpetually For All Generations) are quick to point out to call the enlightened Filipinos as "bitter" and "sour".  All they want is an eternal state of bliss, they don't want to experience pain at all.  Such a notion of wanting an eternal state of bliss can be considered a root cause of drug addiction.  Not all drug addictions can stem from a messy family background... some of them simply stem out from the desire to be in an eternal state of bliss, never having to feel sadness.  Some cases of drug addictions can even lead to simple problems like his mom made him clean his room.   And the problem with FLIPFAGs is that, the slightest criticism to the slightest insult is a big deal for them.

Some doctors have advocated medical marijuana.  Marijuana itself can be used medically like fighting cancer cells and as a pain reliever.  However like children's multi-vitamins they have a required dosage.  Neither marijuana nor children's multi-vitamins are for recreational use.  People can die from a drug overdose.  The fact that marijuana is a pain reliever means it can also be abused by people who want to be an eternal state of bliss.  If a child can get an overdose from eating a lot of the children's multi-vitamins because it tastes like candy, marijuana is known to be abused by drug addicts and drug users leading to an overdose.  Remember the opium war in China?  Opium while it is a painkiller when used for recreation can create hallucinations and other harmful effects including poisoning from an overdose.  The British used recreational uses of opium to win.  Hippies used the recreational use of marijuana to try and escape their problems.  The problem is not marijuana, opium or the children's vitamins but the abuse of the substances.

The FLIPFAG's pride for him is his pain reliever.  Okay there is nothing wrong about a certain or healthy amount of pride.  Pride in general means you have a sense of deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities or possessions or those with someone whom one is closely associated.  Pride in the negative sense is when one has an excessively high opinion of one's self or race, etc.  Pride gives a sense of satisfaction but for the FLIPFAG, he must have it all the time.  He or she doesn't know when to swallow it or when not to have it.  It's just like how the marijuana hippie refuses to realize that he or she has TOO MUCH of marijuana in the system it's not beneficial anymore or the carrot freak refuses to realize that he or she has TOO MUCH Vitamin A in his or her system that its already toxic.

For the FLIPFAG, he or she is proud of everything even if it's not worth getting proud of.  One of the worst examples of FLIPFAG pride is whenever the are criticized of their wrongdoings.  For them it's, "How dare you attack our Filipino pride!  You dare call yourself a Filipino after you criticized your country's own entertainment and praised a foreign movie as better than our Filipino pride?!"  I was thinking maybe something like that happened during the screening of Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno because... well you know the butthurt Failipino movie industry NEVER produces a single good film.  For them, you must stand by your fellow countryman of the Philippines even if the person is guilty.  Worse, they tend to make heroes out of people who should belong to the hall of shame.  Every March 17 and March 30, I just am wary of people who want to avenge the deaths of Flor Contemplacion, Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva.  Or one may remember why Claire Danes was even banned in the first place JUST BECAUSE she commented on how dirty Imperial Manila really is.  For them pages like Get Real Philippines are offensive then they join the Facebook group to troll people.  Sheesh, and I thought a certain someone was problematic.

I admit, it's NEVER easy to handle criticism, it's bitter, it's sour and its painful.  However some things that taste bitter are healthier with no sugar or milk.  Take coffee and tea for example- powdered ice tea tastes sweet but it kills the nutritional value of tea.  However tea boiled from its tea leaves, added with no sugar or cream or whatever, maximizes value.  Tea in itself may taste bitter but it actually flushes out the toxins while all the preservatives in powdered ice tea may contribute to cancer.  Some medications may taste sour or bitter but it actually helps.  Take for example that Biogesic as a pain reliever does not taste good BUT it certainly is a powerful pain reliever and anti-fever medicine.  I remembered as a kid, I didn't immediately take a liking to it but whenever I was sick, I trained myself to swallow that bitter pill and got better.  Biogesic has worked me more wonders in fighting my headache than aspirins.  Sometimes we need to go through painful processes to get better like a leukemia patient must have a painful bone marrow transplant when possible.  Sometimes, we need to take what is sour or bitter for the betterment of our health.  But the desire of eternal state of bliss prevents the FLIPFAG from seeking improvement prevents them from doing so.