Why Are FLIPFAGs Joining Cultural Change Filipino Facebook Groups Like Get Real Philippines?

FLIPFAGs is that they are joining cultural change Filipino Facebook groups like Get Real Philippines.  Whether they use a pseudonym (they have their reasons) or their real names is not the issue. The troll is anyone who derails a conversation/discussion by any means possible like insulting, name calling, posting angry comments and you can name every underhand tactic these DIRTY FLIPFAGs have. Sometimes one who isn't using his/her real name may be nicer than the one who is using his/her real name.

So what's the reality of them joining the groups? Remember there is the old tactic of infiltration right?  Assassins and spies try to blend into the crowd to destroy an organization. The police force may send someone to pretend to be a crook. Criminal organizations may use a spy to destroy a police force.  Likewise, these FLIPFAGs infiltrate Filipino for change groups like Get Real Philippines to spread their toxic agenda.  It's an old trick BUT IT WORKS. If they can enter their "enemy territory" then they can certainly destroy it right?

They know Get Real Philippines is a group against everything they consider as "the becoming of the true Filipino" like Pinoy Pride, being always late, not following simple guidelines, etc. Nothing can be more further than the truth they want to dismantle these groups. They would simply want to promote all their toxic values. It's amazing to see they join Get Real Philippines even if they hate the site. Daily, that site is filled with trolls because of their articles meant to help the Filipino change for the better and FLIPFAGs don't want it.

These FLIPFAGs just want to impress everyone with how "smart" they are but all that does is, they are EXPOSING THEMSELVES for the stupid people they are. Whenever they post immature comments, talk like they are better than everyone, attack people below the belt... they prove they a bunch of insecure idiots. Somehow, they want the Philippines not to improve at all. In reality, these people HATE their country without knowing it!


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