The Reality of FLIPFAG Paranoia

There's no doubt FLIPFAGs are really paranoids as well. Paranoid can be defined as, "A person who is often characterized by anxiety of fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion." How are these people paranoid? One can think of how they have fear of almost anything so they resolve to tactics like attacking below the belt, getting nasty and harassing others. In reality, they have their hidden fears they don't want to be revealed. Note that a lot of these actions are a result of THINKERS DOERS!

FLIPFAGs think Filipinos are always oppressed

The FLIPFAG due to their Pinoy Pride always has their irrational fear that the world is after Pinoys in general. They fail to see the reality that any racist person won't just hate Filipinos, they will hate anybody OUTSIDE their race. If a Filipino becomes a victim of any racist government, he or she is not the only one. There's nothing "special" about the Pinoy in general to make them a special victim. If an Aryan supremacist was murdering Pinoys, he would also proceed to murder EVERY NON-ARYAN as well.

What we can consider is this. Every time a Pinoy commits a crime and is due for execution, they may already start to think, "Oh no what if I am next?!" I don't really know what's in their heads but I feel that could be it. They tend to think that a government that punishes a Pinoy who deserves to be punished is an anti-Pinoy. They may start to say something like, "WE MUST PUNISH THOSE FOREIGNERS FOR GETTING RID OF US." However the FLIPFAG is a racist Pinoy who tends to oppress any Filipino who is not a Pinoy.

FLIPFAGs think anybody who criticizes their habits is an "Anti-Filipino"

I can think about a few people I just insulted back by deleting their comments. They were all "Anonymous". I have heard of how people think Get Real Philippines as a website isn't positive and its derogatory. For a bit of change of stance, GRP could try to avoid using Pinoy as a term for "bad Filipino" and use "Failipino" or FLIPFAG instead. They somehow try to define "What makes you a Filipino." They think being a Filipino is to follow the FLIPFAG values of Pinoy ethnocentrism and practice every value that degrades the value of the Pinoy. I wonder do they even realzie that their wrong practices ARE actually putting down the image of the Pinoy?

It's something to think that whenever practices like lavish lifestyles, raising leeches, being always late, always stand by your fellow Pinoy no matter what and not paying obligations are attacked, they tend to say, "You anti-Filipino scumbag." They don't know the difference between being anti-Filipino and being against bad practices prevalent among Filipinos. It seems to be for this crowd, all the bad practices they do is what makes them Filipino. It can be observed how some OFWs don't even follow rules in their workplaces. For example, they are always caught speaking in any Pinoy language instead of the prescribed medium of instruction (if any) in the workplace or just making the foreign country their playground.

FLIPFAGs think all other races and nationalities are jealous of Filipinos

It's always the issue of FLIPFAGs to think every other race is jealous of Pinoys in general. They can go ahead and base this fallacy because of some Pinoys who make it big time. I cannot deny some Pinoys are really praiseworthy for their achievements. Leondro Locsin, Michael Christian Martinez, Tony TANCAKTIONG, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Lea Salonga-CHIEN, some Pinoy artists who make it big as comic artists and cartoonists, etc. are worth commending. Even their foreign bosses acknowledge that talent. However let any Pinoy lose a competition or well, you know fail, they raise the argument of jealousy.

The argument of jealousy is really, REALLY fallacious in this way. They think just because somebody criticizes something that it's already jealousy. Criticism is a multiple angled thing. You criticize something bad because it's bad. You criticize not only to point out what is bad but also to point out merits and demerits. Sad to say, criticism can sometimes be purely pointing out the bad because either the critic is mean or the critic has no positive opinion. They can't tell the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. In reality, they are terrible, terrible critics. They offer criticism not to help but to destroy.

FLIPFAGs automatically equate loving foreign stuff to colonial mentality

This is another stupidity by FLIPFAGs. It's true that one should love your country. It's necessary to support local products. However the FLIPFAG has an irrational sense of nationalism which was like the Tokugawa Era or Maoist Era of China. They think, "You must reject everything that is not Pinoy made. Be proud you are Pinoy or I will punch your face!" type of mentality. Now one may consider the stupidity of the argument. You must remember that the Philippines was born OUT OF FOREIGN INFLUENCE. The first early settlers were Malaysian, Indonesian, Aetas and those who became native traded with the CHINESE. Imperial Spain united the archipelago and christened it under the name "Philippines" after King Philip I. Later Imperial Japan took over it. The United States of America later liberated it and made it a ten years colony. Don't tell me that Filipino culture has no foreign influence? In fact, a lot of bad values FLIPFAGs enjoy is born out of Imperial Spanish and later Murican influence.

One may think of FLIPFAGs in the form of politicians who are members of cry baby FLIPFAG activist groups. They always want to get rid of VFA just of their stupid Pinoy Pride. They think foreigners investing in the Philippines means lost of sovereignty hence that's why 60/40 exists. They only allow foreigners to have 40% while they, if they ever invest abroad, they demand they have 100%. That's just totally unfair if you ask me. One has to realize the reality that FLIPFAG entertainment is really sucky. I hardly find myself enjoying Pinoy entertainment because more of them are FLIPFAG worthy. Gone are the days of quality Pinoy movies. I don't blame Pinoys who either became hypocrites or watched Rurouni Kenshin because... all the other Pinoy movies are bad. Even one time, Congress even wanted to prevent Filipinos from bringing entertainment media from abroad to protect their butthurt culture. Wait aren't they also using foreign stuff too?

FLIPFAGs are even afraid of some of their fellow Pinoys

It can't be denied how FLIFPAGs are even afraid of their fellow Pinoys. Sad to say but the Philippines is always under a civil war. The civil war is between decent Pinoys vs. FLIPFAGs. Why do a lot of Tagalogs hate Bisayas? It's because the Visayas has become a progressive region. I wonder if they even think that Luzon is the reason why the Philippines hasn't fallen down to the state of a region like Somalia or Bangladesh? I was thinking about the argument of jealousy. Like it or not, FLIPFAGs are prone to jealousy.

To be honest, one may realize why foreigners love places like Iloilo, Cebu and Bohol. It's because these places are business friendly. Even before David Guerrero's preposterous slogan, places like Iloilo, Cebu and Bohol were getting better. If those FLIFPAGs living in Imperial Manila want to be better, jealous is NOT the solution. They must get rid of their mindset. They must be serious with business, crime and politics. They should clean up the place, maintain peace and order, be serious with penalties for crime. Only if those in charge of Manila would do that... then you know, they would have more foreign investments and tourism growing. To be honest, Visayas may be the Asian miracle but not the Philippines as a whole.

FLIPFAGs are hypersensitive to the term Failipino

The last point I can make is how hypersensitive they are to the term "Failipino". As I said, even if the sentence "Every Failipino is an enemy to every decent Pinoy. Decent Pinoys want to get rid of practices like procrastination, lack of punctuality, anti-foreignism, racism and the like which has degraded the image of the Pinoy. The decent Pinoy not the Failipino will make the Philippines a better place." I guess by their logic, the decent Pinoy are those who practice what the real decent Pinoys practice huh? It's no wonder why some people use the word Pinoy so negatively though I discourage that. Some people have said, "That Pinoy was a good one!"

Because of this super duper sensitivity to the term Failipino, they always PURPOSELY miss the point. They end up with their hatred of movements like "Get Real Philippines" or my movement called "Anti-FLIPFAG mentality." One must be certain, there are more Failipinos than decent Pinoys. However numbers don't mean anything for any decent Pinoy. Decent Pinoys don't care even if they are just a few or outcasts of society - they are always ready to fight for what is right, even for a society that ostracizes them. All I can say is, numbers never decide what's right and wrong, the truth always remains the same. FLIPFAGs aren't helping the Philippines!

On the other hand, just because you block someone on Twitter, Facebook, etc. is not always a result of paranoia. Sometimes, you know the person IS trouble so you avoid them. You can always choose who to trust and who not to trust.