Being Pinoy Is Just An Ethnicity, Being A Failipino IS A CHOICE!

As I said, it's really time to STOP using Pinoy as a derogatory word for bad Filipinos. Some people use the word "Pinoy" simply to refer to a native of the Philippines or a shortcut for Filipino. That is, being Pinoy is not a choice. You are born with your ethnicity. Nationality on the other hand like being Filipino, American, Chinese, etc. is mostly a choice.

So what about the word Failipino? Failipino is a combination of Fail and Filipino. Filipino can either refer to nationality or ethnicity. But mostly, it is referred to as a nationality. On the other hand, why do I use the derogatory word Failipino? It's to specify the lowly, bad Filipinos who are making the country a disgrace. Using the word Pinoy as a derogatory term can become utterly racist and not to mention, just plain wrong. Pinoy can be used either positively or negatively, but not the word Failipino.

So why is Failipino a choice? Nobody chooses to be born black, white, yellow or brown right? It doesn't necessarily mean a person is a Pinoy that he/she is bad. While being Pinoy is a prerequisite to becoming a Failipino just as being American is a prerequisite to being a Murican, the next step is totally up to the person. The Pinoy can choose his/her lifestyle between being the good Pinoy or does he/she choose to do the Failipino habits that degrade the face of the Pinoy.

One has to think... nobody needs to be born Pinoy to do the habits that Failipinos do. Habits like partying loud, reckless use of firecrackers, defending one's guilty citizens, extravagance, victim card mentality, etc. are not exclusive to Pinoys. In fact, a lot of Failipino habits were cultivated during the 300 years of Spanish occupation. After all, the Philippines was named after Philip I of Spain. Even if the Spaniards of long ago were already expelled, the bad habits were not expelled. Worse, habits that have destroyed Pinoys is now even considered by Failipinos as "being truly Filipino" which is stupid, just stupid.

Habits that make some Pinoys outstanding is not exclusive to Pinoys either. Pinoys who are hardworking, diligent, non-racist, considerate, does not believe in covering up, etc. is a universal value as much as Failipino values. It might be safe to say that Failipino is just a sub-category of negative types of people while Pinoy is simply an ethnicity. The Pinoy can just choose - do they want to be Failipinos or do they want to be enlightened Filipinos?

Again point missers, you never want to finish reading right?


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