Kris Aquino's Spotlights ARE Weapons of Mass Distraction

I just wrote an article on why we need to separate Kris and State, I would like to write how she is a weapon of mass distraction. One may consider the reality. Why are people giving TOO MUCH emphasis on Kris Aquino. Don't get me wrong, I do read entertainment news from other countries and I seldom read Filipino entertainment news. The problem is when we are putting TOO MUCH emphasis on entertainment as a need and not as a want.

I could bring back the issue of the fight between Kris Aquino and Rufa Guiterrez. Come on, why can't she just keep the fight to herself? The same thing went for her married life during the time she was still married to her ex-husband James Yap from disputes to divorce. Then you have every minor detail about her like her allergy, her son Bimby being bitten by their pet dog Prada, her buying land for her two sons one from her former boyfriend and the other from her ex-husband and her allergic reaction.  SERIOUSLY?! Her personal life SHOULD NEVER BE THE CONCERN OF THE NATION!

One must think on how much airwaves and broadcasting time were wasted. I mean, there is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT NEWS than Kris Aquino. Her frequent broadcast of EVERY MINOR DETAIL of her life is driving people from stuff that matter.  These stuff like threats to peace and order, economics and politics ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. Is Kris Aquino's every single update more important than revising the economic policies of the Philippines, peace and order, the strife between Singaporeans and Pinoys (thanks a LOT Edz Ello... NOT!) and everything else that threatens the well-being of the Philippines.

As said, Kris Aquino is the queen of epal in the Philippines and perhaps in the whole wide world.