Here Comes REAL Pinoy Heroes: Pinoys Who Expressed Disgust Over Ello Ed Mundsel Bello

While there were Failipinos who were standing by him (no surprise) but there were some Pinoys who truly deserve to be called heroes with these comments that they DO NOT condone to the evil done by a fellow Pinoy:

He is right.  He has shown that there are still Filipinos worth dying for.

I agree that deportation is an option.

She is right.  The nurse is responsible for his actions.  She has the brains to never condone to the wrongdoing of a fellow Pinoy!

He is right. Edz Ello is STUPID to bit the hands that feeds him.  This guy is one Pinoy who is fighting for change.  He acknowledges that Pinoy Pride is stupid.  No questions asked.

And indeed, yet another enlightened Pinoy!

I salute all my fellow countrymen who are truly pro-Filipino and anti-Failipino!  All who keep thinking I should go back to China, that I am anti-Filipino are just purposely missing the point.


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