These Facts DO NOT Make Me Anti-Filipino!

So many people accuse me of being Anti-Filipino. I just got inspired by Chinocracy to write on the same matter. Note these traits I will discuss is why FLIPFAGs think I'm Anti-Filipino! I am not Anti-Filipino JUST BECAUSE:

I am Chinese by blood but that does not make me Anti-Filipino. Some historical figures in Filipino history were Chinese - Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo, Sergio Osmena, Tomas Pinpin, Manuel Quezon and Ignacio Paua were Chinese. Andres Bonifacio the founder of the Katipunan was 1/4 Chinese. Heck, even President Nobita Aquino IS Chinese from both sides. Some Pinoys are just a disgrace to their own country with what they do.

I love some foreign stuff over Filipino-made stuff. So what? It doesn't mean I don't support all Filipino stuff in general. I don't support anything that is garbage whether or not it is Filipino-made or imported. Please stop confusing xenophobia with nationalism and loving foreign stuff with colonial mentality!

I believe in being on time. Tardiness is a value that has been killing many Pinoys. If you can't learn to be on time, how can the Philippines improve? To be honest, separate the value of tardiness from the Pinoy. It's very Anti-Pinoy to be tardy because it makes Pinoys look bad. Being late is not nationalism, it's stupidity.

I never side with any guilty Pinoy. I always believe that the Philippines is better off not siding with Pinoys who are crooks. Any Pinoy who does a crime in foreign ground must get the punishment they deserve. Edz Ello deserves to get what is coming for him.

I don't attribute the Pinoy blood to the success of Pinoys and half-Pinoys. While I acknowledge the talents of Pinoys who succeed but I refuse to acknowledge their Pinoy blood to be the reason. There are talented Pinoys but there are also non-talented ones. Being Pinoy or any other race DOES NOT make one succeed, it's mostly about hard work in where you are good at.

I believe that discipline is not dictatorship. Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys tend to say stuff like, "If I had to follow all those rules, I will kill myself." They just simply can't see the difference between someone who is fined for traffic rules violations vs. those who were clobbered up by authorities for no reason at all.

I believe in saving one's one money for a rainy day. It's really something when some Pinoys think that since one is a Pinoy, one must be extravagant. They tend to think that the value of saving one's money or being thrifty is just exclusive to the Chinese. Do they even wonder why so many OFWs remain poor?

I think LAVISH fiestas are a huge waste of time. Well nothing is wrong with a celebration but the problem is how the celebration goes. Christmas, New Year then comes more activities. A good portion of the city budget could have been used to repair infrastructures, sewage and for better business reasons. Instead, it was all spent on fiesta mentality. What is worse is that accompanied here is that they tend to gate crash like bringing a table full of friends who are NOT INVITED to the gathering.

I believe in paying obligations is part of one's word of honor. It's a sad fact but part of the worst values that many Pinoys practice is borrowing beyond their means. Can't afford? Loan now or charge it to your credit card, either way it is a DEBT. They tend to fool you they will pay you back but they never do. Some of them are abusive tenants even if the landlord is being kind to them. It's a real painful experience you know. Some Pinoys are even fed up with people who don't do their obligations while they do theirs.

I believe that the Philippines to succeed, it must open up its economy to foreigners. Why did China progress? It's because of foreign investment. Why is the Philippines left behind? It's because of the stupidity of economic protectionism. To be honest, FLIPFAG economics is just downright stupid.

I reject the wrong value of Pinoy Pride. There is the statement pride comes before the fall. Pinoys who are humble are worth commending over Pinoys who have their Pinoy Pride. Pinoy Pride is the value of ARROGANCE, SELF-CENTEREDNESS AND NOT TO MENTION BEING A RACIST. Why do many Pinoys fail? It's because of Pinoy pride. They refuse to accept criticism because of their high level of pride.

So really.. I am a Filipino-Chinese but still Filipino. True love for the Philippines means you want to fight for a better Philippines, not engage in FLIPFAG values that continues to bring it down!