Many Filipinos Should Learn to STOP Acting Like Them Celebrities Knew Them!

Whether it was the One Direction ticket line incident OR the Rurouni Kenshin fan event, one cannot deny the problem that some people act like as if the celebrities knew them.  While no headlines for One Direction ticket line said, "I filed a sick live to line up here.", a fellow fan of Rurouni Kenshin (I'm a fan to) had the audacity to tell everyone that she filed a sick leave, bought a ticket out of Davao to Manila to attend the conference.  Facepalm!

Let me get this straight.  Nothing is wrong with attending fan events or lining up for that ticket (just make sure you have calculated your money) IF you are on a day-off (most of those who attended were adults considering the weekday schedule).  But please do not lie to your boss with a fake sick leave, fly all the way there AND act like as if the celebrity even knew you.  All I cay say is that the person who did that should have not even gloated about it.  Takeru Sato DOES NOT EVEN KNOW HER!!!!!!

Why act like the celebrity knew you?  It's just plain stupid.  Even if I had the money or resources to attend that event but... I choose not to since I had important stuff to take care of.  Sad to say but this cultural value has been there even before One Direction was formed and even before Takeru Sato came to the Philippines.  Seriously, get real!