Falipinos And Their Definition of Maturity

FLIPFAGs aren't known for Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely For All Generations for nothing. They have their own twisted view of "maturity". Failipinos have their own definition of maturity which goes against the decent Pinoy's definition of maturity. Again FLIPFAGs, you'll just miss the point and say I'm Anti-Filipino again huh? I am writing this for the sake of every decent Pinoy who goes against the wrong notion of maturity.

As an occasional fan of Japanese shows, I do agree I shouldn't be talking about Anime or Tokusatsu in the workplace BUT there is nothing wrong if you still watch it. While I don't talk about it more often than I should because of age but there's nothing wrong to watch cartoons. I mean, I still do watch Tokusatsu whenever I want to feel young. Now I would like to tackle on the issues of feeling mature. I remembered the time I was a teenager and I was always told to, "Grow up." by FLIPFAGs because I was involved with watching Dragon Ball Z and Tokusatsu. While I would admit I suffer from childish tendencies but these FLIPFAGs who were telling me to grow up were no better than adults who watch Blues Clues (which is too childish for an adult). Moving forward, I wanted to think of how in the world do they define "growing up"?

Remembering how these FLIPFAGs were, I always thought about their hobbies. They were watching adult flicks as children, they glorified in high levels of violence, defying authority and they want to smoke as minors, get drunk as minors, gambling and fool around with the opposite sex which can lead to unwanted children. One may also consider their attitude of bullying and trolling others just for fun. No wonder a lot of FLIPFAGs are easy suckers to join into the fraternities. Sad to say but it's "not just a phase" but it's really a problem that needed solving before it can screw up for good. Problems that teenagers are suffering from must be dealt with accordingly. For example, parents must discipline their teenagers and not let them live a rebellious attitude. Sad to say but that problem is never resolved in FLIPFAG parenting.

These "feeling mature" people actually would appear as people who refuse to even follow simple guidelines. So what do we get from people who can't follow simple guidelines? We get people who just do as they please. They have the "I'm a grown-up and I am too old to be told what to do." attitude. I remembered how often more than not, people just CUT IN LINE even when they are required to line up. They show that rebellious attitude in the workplace. Instead of following required rules, the deliberately break the rules. They think it's cool to be rebellious and childish to be submissive. While it's certainly childish to throw a tantrum in public, it's also childish to break rules for the sake of breaking rules. After all, doesn't academics include the strict compliance of guidelines? For them, it's maturity not to obey authority because they long to be away from authority. For them teachers and parents are generally obstacles which in turn makes them bad parents and teachers as well.

These Failipinos with their feeling mature also love their foul language and trolling. It can be observed whether in social networks or in actuality. Trolls aren't limited to people with secret identities... they can also happen with people's REAL identities like Edz Ello (even if it was a nickname it was obviously him). They have their language that is usually carried on with insult and mockery. They love profane language and insulting others (but watch out when you insult then, they will ATTACK YOU... double standard) because they love to make others angry. While it's immature to throw a tantrum or even physically hit a person when teased, but the one who is starting the fight is no better. For one, they are ignoring the danger that some people are crazier than they are going as far as to be willing to commit murder over a minor issue. They always love their insulting language like, "I'm here to expose how stupid you are..." kind of talk. While they claim to be mature but the fact they love to use below the belt questions proves they are no better than children who bully other children.

Resolving to violence whenever it's not even necessary is another. Somehow, some Failipinos think that resolving to violence makes one a man. That is, they prefer to handle any situation with violence rather than diplomatic means. They don't make violence the last resolve, they always make it an immediate response. Like they always use force against people even for simple disagreement. It may seem mature at first but the reality is, it's far worse than getting angry because you lost a life while playing a video game. It's probably because they glorify violence in media. I remembered how those FLIPFAGs I know love to talk about bloody torture because for them, mature people love violence. Some of them are even sadists who may have spent their childhood watching bloody R-rated movies in their quest for "maturity". This in return leads to problems of domestic violence. Instead of a simple spanking, the parent may end up beating the child to the point of danger. The spouse may hit the other spouse over a simple disagreement. It's not even mature, it's utterly moronic. Some may even become dangerous criminals in the long run.

These Failipino men aren't productive workers either. I just mentioned earlier that they don't even do their job properly. One may also think their other marks of maturity are getting drunk, being spendthrift, gambling, fooling around with the opposite sex, going to unwholesome places, nightlife and the like which you SHOULD be preparing for the next day of work. A good night's sleep keeps the brain smart, not having a good night's sleep activates the dumbness of the human mind. They think it's mature to look cool with all the expensive stuff, gambling, fooling around, etc. I even remembered they told me unless I would engage in stuff like fooling around with women (this treats women as objects than subjects), gambling, getting drunk and the like I am not a man at all. Such notion is foolishness considering they destroy the person spiritually, emotionally then physically in the long run. There's nothing manly about what they do, it's just plain moronic. Not to mention, at first it may not affect others personally but eventually it may affect others personally.

What is worse is that Failipino women instead of finding a decent husband, they would want to marry a man who belongs to the feeling mature crowd. A decent Pinoy guy is a turn-off, a Failipino man is a turn on for such foolish Failipino women. I always thought of the logic behind why I'm still single. Somehow, most of the women I meet want a man who smokes a lot, gets drunk, goes to unsavory places, gambles, etc. as if that kind of guy will even make a good breadwinner. Instead of going for a guy who lives a decent life, they count such guys as "immature" and "imperfect". To be honest, while the perfect guy/girl DOES NOT exist, one must think that vices are major imperfections that must be gotten rid of within the person. They don't think of the facts that more people get poor because of gambling, getting drunk destroys sound judgment leading to all sorts of trouble. Marrying a husband who is severely dysfunctional will only make the home a battlefield in the long run. Men and women have their differences but they must be treated with respect and dignity.

If you want a real mature person, then where do you find them? Well here's what I can say - we have our immature sides. I admit I have my immature side that loves to fantasize. However a mature person is one who does his/her work properly, believes in work as a necessity, stays away from vices because it's bad for him/her, he/she does what is right and good. Maturity also means being emotionally stable. Like I would say I have matured when I refused to fight with my archenemy when I met him during a party, instead choosing not to entertain him. It may seem cowardly but a stronger person only fights defensively. It's really time to change our definition of maturity.