So Philippine TV Networks and Theaters Are Heavily Reliant on Foreign Entertainment To Keep Them Running Huh?

Soon to be on ABiaS-CBN... "Loving Never Forgetting"....

Knowing ABiaS-CBN will air "Loving Never Forgetting" this February 2, 2015 I really had my thoughts on why nonsense laws like ban K-Drama or anything anti-foreign usually does not push through. Years ago in my Personal Blog, I wrote about the congress proposal to remove Filipinos' rights to bring any foreign media from abroad. Fortunately it wasn't pushed through, maybe because the oligarchs, whether they hate to admit it or not, are already reliant on foreign stuff to keep getting ratings and maybe these nationalists are just hypocrites. Perhaps that hypocrite Toady Casino for all we know sneaked into the screening of Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno wearing a fake mustache with his family.

The huge problem of FLIPFAGs is that they can't tell the difference between colonial mentality and liking foreign stuff. They have their mentality that because you're Filipino you must always support anything that's Filipino made even if the quality is better called Failipino. I always thought that their type of mentality is not patriotism but utmost stupidity. Just because I like foreign stuff does not make me anti-Filipino. To be honest, no offense, but a lot of Pinoy drama are really bad in quality.

Nobody ever bragged about this when Piolo was at the mall right?

Somehow I can't forget the One Direction ticket line incident or my favorite incident was the Rurouni Kenshin mall event. I wanted to be at the mall event but sad to say, I had other stuff to do. However somebody filed a sick leave to go to the press conference. To be honest, I haven't seen that kind of stupid fanaticism done for any local actor. Only this time, the attitude of acting like them celebrities knew them attitude has reached a different level. If it wasn't for that event, I don't think SM Mandaluyong will get its profits. In fact, One Direction's concert may be beneficial to SM Mall of Asia... just considering how much the tickets cost! Bwahahahahaha!

When I think about it, the Philippine Box Office profited from Rurouni Kenshin's two movies. All I can say is BEAT THAT FAILIPINO ENTERTAINMENT. Like it or it, the foreign films were keeping the Filipino movie house and TV stations alive longer than you think. I mean, the premiere night was ridiculously long. I even want to assume people camped near the malls just to get the front seat tickets. While I do find what they did stupid but one cannot deny that foreign entertainment is keeping them alive longer than they think.

Meanwhile butthurt people involved in Filipino entertainment may want to ask for protectionism again. Sad to say but only the more simple-minded ones would watch the garbage dramas made by ABiaS-CBN and GMA. They say it's to protect their jobs. All I can say is, we are in a global environment and you must innovate or die. Likewise, the crappy Failipino entertainment may not even click with the some FLIPFAGS who can turn on hypocrite mode anytime they want. I mean, I even want to imagine some Pinoy Pridists may have attended the Rurouni Kenshin event, even skipping work/school in the process. 3:)

As much as I hate to listen to bad dubs, but somehow the bad dubs is what's keeping jobs for Filipinos in ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7. I know the dubs sound bad but these actors may hate to admit it but the dubs are keeping their jobs. Without these foreign shows, maybe these TV stations wouldn't really have much people watching them either thanks to Cable TV and Internet. So... they better think twice before they demand protectionism again. Besides, either they make quality shows or perish.


  1. So much for "Filipino-only" then... -_-

    And BTW, isn't TV foreign in the first place? So who are they kidding...?


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