How Do FLIPFAGs Define Smart Anyway?!

The word smart is defined as, "1.) Very good at learning or thinking about things and 2.) Showing intelligence or good judgment." One has to realize that the problem of Failipinos is how they define smart. It would be very important to realize what smart really means. Smartness is something you don't develop overnight, it's a lifelong battle to keep it. Every person has the "Stupid me" and "Smart me" but which part is the one that is dominating in each and every one of us?

It's time to really see the Failipino definition of smart. Now there is NO Filipino, American, Chinese, etc. definition of smart. It's a universal value and it's not restricted to one race. Unfortunately for Failipinos, they have all their definition of smartness. Some even say they aren't FLIFPAGs because they supposedly think they are competent and knowledgeable EVEN IF the evidence says otherwise. They are in short, a disgrace to every enlightened Filipino.

I was thinking that stupid is different from dumb. Stupid people have these characteristics or at least, the stupid side of humanity. Not knowing you are wrong does not automatically make you stupid. It's when you refuse to accept you are wrong, you are at the state of being stupid. Stupidity means voluntarily throwing away common sense for one's personal satisfaction. Such people are arrogant, self-centered and they refuse to learn. You can have a low IQ and not be stupid. You can be very intelligent but be also very stupid. Stupidity is a choice, intelligence isn't. Stupid people can exist even among people who have a license like lawyers, doctors, architects and engineers.

What causes Failipinos to be stupid can be linked to their practices. Somehow they already know that practices like eating too much fatty foods, getting drunk, staying up late until morning and the like can deteriorate work performance. They know rules exist for a reason but they love to break it. They have their mentality to purposely throw away learning because of their misguided notion of happiness. They just want to have a good time. If all work and no play makes one stupid, so does all play and no work. We need to work to burn out the calories from eating. However Failipinos disregard hard work and choose to just have that good time. They are lazy and arrogant individuals that frustrate every diligent, humble Filipino.

I just had my thought on how often the Failipino love to call people stupid. They call anybody stupid if such people criticize their lifestyles. For them, everybody who disagrees with their Pinoy Pride mindset is an idiot. One may observe how those Failipinos attack Get Real Philippines mroe often than not because it attacks them. For them, anybody who does not conform to their anti-intellectual ideas is stupid. Never mind really, that they refuse to think and be logical. They think they are logical and rational. But deep within, there is that insecurity that's why they troll people with below the belt questions.

What's their definition of smart? Well here's what could be their definition of smart. They think smart people respond with teasing and insulting. They think they know everything and they don't need feedback. They think that their culture is the best and the world is jealous of them being "smart'. They think it's smart not to obey simple guidelines, run away from one's debt, not follow rules, answer back, be anti-foreign, etc. because they think they know everything. Sad to say but those are the marks of willfully stupid people. And their wrong definition of smart can be linked to WHY MORONS KEEP WINNING PUBLIC OFFICES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

So why do they troll people and say stuff like, "I'm just here to expose you stupid you are." Well it's time to really explore deeper than the delusions they think those who oppose them are stupid. Why do they love to call people as stupid? It's because they are the stupid ones themselves. Smart people DO NOT have to prove they are smart. Testimonials will prove they are smart and they seek to help people, not look down at them. For example, a good teacher does not need to say, "Hey I'm smart." His/her friends will testify how smart he/she is. Meanwhile stupid people feel they have to show everyone how smart they are because their actions can be a mockery to others. It's like how I know a stupid Math teacher whose actions soon made her a laughing stock. She fought with the judge of a Math contest when her team lost and the former WAS the Math department head, she was an elementary Math teacher.