Manila SHOULD Really Do Something About Its Traffic Problems For the Sake of Improvement!

Manila Traffic
The authorities in Metro Manila should realize that they have long neglected many problems. All that President Nobita says is that, "Well traffic is a sign of growing economy." That is B.S. as unmanaged traffic is NOT the sign of growing economy. All their "pwede na yan" is a culture that must be gotten rid of. While it was a good move to penalize Cebu Pacific for the problems last December but remember, Manila is also in much need of traffic solutions. You can read more in When in Manila.

Here's the world's top ten worst traffic countries based on average:

Philippine Traffic 9th Worst

Here's the top ten. Now I would select Bangladesh is ranked #3 and Philippines is ranked #9. Kenya is also a very poor country. What must be realized is that traffic is not always a sign of a growing economy or maybe, never a sign of growing economy. Here's the reality, most of the countries above the Philippines have worse economies like Kenya and Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country that's even poorer than the Philippines. President Nobita needs to see that the underdeveloped countries have high rates of traffic and their economic situations are WORSE than the Philippines.

Sad to say but the situation was neglected for years because of the wrong value of Pinoy Pride. Remembering the persona non-grata on Claire Danes for revealing the garbage problem, it's obvious that Failipinos are too thin-skinned. They can't segregate constructive criticisms from insult whether it's from decent Filipinos or foreigners. For them, all criticisms are invalid at the same time, they are horribly unprofessional critics. Of course, thinker doers right?

It doesn't take a rocket genius to figure out what's wrong with traffic problems. Manila is the capital of the Philippines and that's where the center activities take place such as politics and the like. Bad traffic can piss off people from the better areas of the Philippines or better developed countries. Traffic is indeed business transactions too. It doesn't require an economist to figure out that traffic slows down delivery processes which in turn slows down production and retail right?

For passengers, it's pretty much a rock and a hard place situation. Either you take the metal deathtrap known as the MRT (thanks lot Mr. Joseph Emilio PABAYA) or endure the traffic. I pity those people stuck with those choices. All these processes make life difficult in Manila. If I am to talk about basic problems that can happen in the traffic, just think about the consequences of such actions. You might think of how people can miss work, miss appointments, miss flights or worse, they could also miss the time needed for a patient to be reached to the hospital.

Just a Photoshop and not from the Department of Tourism but still...

All I can say is David Guerrero's nonsense slogan won't solve anything. Any sensible Pinoy or tourist would shun the idea "Traffic - It's More Fun in the Philippines" slogan. I mean nothing negative is more fun in the Philippines. Certainly quality Filipino food is more fun in the Philippines while quality Chinese food will only be more fun in China. But nothing negative is more fun anywhere around the world. I think David Guerrero needs to experience all the traffic mayhem so he will see just how stupid his campaign really is.

Just think if Manila decides to start getting serious like decongesting traffic and cleaning up the place, it will certainly invite more tourism and investment. As of right now, Manila may just leave a bad impression of the Philippines. It will really take a lot of effort from its locals to make a change for a better Manila.