Is Migraine International Going to Invoke the Name of Flor Contemplacion Again In An Attempt to Save Edz Ello?

While what Edz Ello did may not get him executed but... there's a good number of FLIPFAGs too who are defending him.  I wouldn't be surprised if there will be the "Edz Ello Movie: Injustice in Singapore" to be released by the same staff.  After all, there was the Flor Contemplacion Movie which had put several good Pinoys in danger.  Some Pinoys who knew the truth either working in Singapore or JUST BEING IN THE PHILIPPINES, already knew that the whole movie was a fabricated B.S. from start to end.  Apparently the late Flor Contemplacion is already the "patron saint" for victim card holders.

Having been forced to watch the movie as a child has further traumatized me because I was called a "killer" simply because I was Chinese by blood.  Okay this is just a clip but this is PURE FABRICATION.  Singaporeans have EVERY RIGHT to be enraged of this monstrosity known as The Flor Contemplacion Story.  The film is really this - it shows how often victim card is a favorite theme in Failipino entertainment

I always thought about the rallies by Migraine.  Just think they posted "No to Another Flor Contemplacion".  Somehow they have a habit of invoking Flor's name every time an OFW is rightfully on death row.  In this case, Edz Ello may not be on death row but he may actually get caning and jailing.  Still they may want him pardoned and absolve from punishment just because he is a Pinoy.  He is a Pinoy and a FLIPFAG... and FLIPFAGs love to defend each other and stand by each other even in times of guilt.

Clearly, enough is enough!  If the Philippines is to TRULY IMPROVE, STOP DEFENDING FILIPINO CRIMINALS AND LET THEM GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.  That way, the Philippines may have a lesser crime rate.