Analyzing Edz Ello's Failipino/FLIPFAG Pride

Here's a screenshot of the incident taken from The Real Singapore.  Sad to say but this Edz Ello can already be considered an online troll.  A troll does not necessarily use a nickname... they can go ahead and use their real account and still be that troll.  They derail people, make people irritated... and I would assume Edz Ello is one.  Let's take a look at his offensive use of social media.

So let's take a look at his really hurtful words.  His comments are in fact spoken in the way a FLIPFAG would do so.  Carabao English, offensive language laced with arrogance.  Sad to say, he is a microcosm of what's wrong with a lot of Pinoys.  I would believe that any decent Pinoy worker at his workplace condemned the very act.

First he assumes that Singaporeans are losers.  If Singaporeans were losers, why is the Philippines STILL SO LEFT BEHIND?  Does he even realize that the Philippines' economy is more or less a rathole no thanks to dysfunctional Failipino culture?  So if Pinoys were the greatest in the world, why is the Philippines caught in between underdeveloped and developed?  In short, it's a developing country that cannot fully utilize progress no thanks to the national government.

Second, he thinks that Pinoys will evict all Singaporeans.  He was only under probation and he thinks like that.  He also prays that more disasters will hit Singapore and more of them will die?  Flor Contemplacion sympathizer?  Maybe.  Well let's just face it... if he thinks them Failipinos can evict all Singaporeans from their country... think again.  His "army" may all be deported before they can do it.

Third, he says PINOYS ARE BETTER AND STRONGER THAN STINKAPOREANS.  Well decent Pinoys are better than Stinkaporeans (which can be used to describe the bad citizen of Singaporeans) but Failipinos are no better than Stinkaporeans.  For that Stinkaporean who conned a Vietnamese tourist (the tourist was helped by good Singaporeans), he is no better than the Failipino swindlers in the Philippines.  He and his kind of Pinoys are a nuisance.  Failipinos are not a nationality but a derogatory term against bad Filipinos who continue to plunge the Philippines into oblivion.

Fourth, so he says he loves his people but what he did only supports Failipinos.  Failipinos are a sore to every good and decent Pinoy.  Pinoys who do their jobs properly like showing up on time, shows great degrees of humility, they believe in give and take... you know what I mean, values that Failipinos purposely love to ignore.

Fifth, he thinks Singapore will be the new Filipino state.  WTF!  With the Philippine government ran by losers can they even take over Singapore?  They can't even take over Spratlys.  He probably deludes Filipinos are taking over the world when the reality is... FILIPINOS FLY AROUND THE WORLD BECAUSE OF A LACK OF JOBS IN THE PHILIPPINES ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO COME FROM LUZON.