Well That Failipino Nurse Edz Ello Got What HE DESERVES!

Here's Edz Ello the Failipino nurse who earlier tried to his his Victim Card, fortunately Singapore's Tan Tok Seng Hospital DID NOT honor it.  Above is a picture of what he wrote.  What was amazing is that he even wrote that DURING HIS PROBATION.  Perhaps having no choice, he was FORCED to admit he did it when he tried to say it was hacked.  Huehuehuehueheue!

Why do I think he deserved to be fired?  Anybody and NOT JUST PINOYS will deserve to get fired for writing such a derogatory comment.  Sad to say but it's very common for a lot of Pinoys to choose the path of being a FLIFPAG.  Also, he was under probation and he shows his attitude of being mayabang or arrogant.  Being Failipino is not inborn in the Pinoy, it's a choice that sadly many Pinoys make for many reasons like family values and friends.  Pinoys can choose either to become the good Filipino or the Failipino.  Again so many point missers will start rushing in who will shout "RACIST" before they even read the whole article... because they tend to think only with the heart, not with their brain.  You can't do one without the other.

What he wrote is a reflection of what's wrong with Pinoy Pride which transforms the Pinoy into a Failipino.  It's amazing how the stupidity can go.  I don't care what's his IQ level or that he passed on to become a nurse, he is STUPID because of his attitude.  He knows he's under probation, why does he show his arrogant attitude?  What he did has given Pinoys a bad name and may put every Pinoy to risk of being spat at.  Pinoys working or living in Singapore should not even support any Failipino worker, instead they should condemn the act.

Also, does this guy even think that OFWs mean that Filipinos are taking over the world?  Did he even expect the hospital to bow down to him because he was a Pinoy?  I wonder if he knows the meaning of the word worker or does he stupidly choose to ignore it?  Being a worker regardless what race you belong MEANS YOU ARE UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF ANOTHER.  It's really a problem whenever FLIPFAGs demand you become "understanding" to their culture of arrogance, willful ignorance and that you bow down to them as the "greatest race on Earth".  

One of the TTSH spokesperson said, "These comments were highly irresponsible and offensive to Singapore and religion, They have distressed members of the public and our hospital staff. His conduct goes against our staff values of respect, professionalism and social responsibility. As a public healthcare institution, we take a very serious view and have zero tolerance on conduct that is offensive and detrimental to multi-cultural harmony in Singapore."  Which is true.  He deserves to be fired with what could be a hate campaign.

All I can say, I expect those butthurt Failipino activists to show their crybaby behavior again in a rally for this guy.