Looks Like Mayor Sherap Has More Brains Than President Nobita!

He's not so stupid after all... for someone who didn't get a degree!

As much as I agree that Sherap Estrada deserved to be put on trial for his Jueteng Scandal but I can admire a few facts about this guy.  First, knowing his guilt he voluntarily stepped down (Unggoy should just admit his guilt and PAY BACK the damages) knowing that he could no longer cover up his scandal.  Second, he formally issued an apology to Hong Kong for the botched Rolando Mendoza incident for the betterment of the Philippines.  Third, he actually has stated that a second term for Nobita may be worse for the Philippines.  Fourth, he donated PHP 100,000.00 to the families of deceased SAF soldiers while he gave the injured troops PHP 50,000.00... DIRECTLY while that idiot President Nobita plans to give it through Stinky Soliman.

So what's the difference between Mayor Sherap and President Nobita here?  As much as I hate to keep pointing out Sherap's stupidity like banning Claire Danes or his lack of common sense, but he did some things better than President Nobita ever did in his presidency.  One of the achievements I can name is his enforcement of the death penalty and his immediate action on the Abu Sayyaf.  Maybe the peso devaluation was more related to Asian Crisis than his mismanagement. 

Maybe I can also look at the whole Bangsamoro Agreement.  While Sherap wanted to deal with the Abu Sayyaf and MILF threats ASAP, what about President Nobita?  Why make peace with terrorists who daily MURDER PEOPLE.  The whole "human rights" movement is just stupid when they fail to put dangerous people to death to save society.  Sometimes, you must kill somebody to save society.  If a woman is about to be raped, sometimes you need to kill the rapist to save the woman.  Sherap for one understood that fact for an idiot, President Nobita either doesn't understand or he refuses to understand.


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