Failipinos/FLIPFAGs Have The Wrong Type of Jealousy Problem!

I previously wrote on the jealousy delusion, I had overlooked one important fact in life. That is, there is always the thinkers doers issue. Why is that gold diggers are afraid of being gold dug or the womanizer can accuse any of his women of cheating? It's because they are doing the same thing at the same time, they are a group of self-centered idiots. I would try to talk about the bad habit of Failipinos being jealous of fellow Filipinos who are doing better than them. I have observed more often than not that Failipinos have the attitude of laziness, impunity and not to mention being arrogant and self-centered. It's already bad enough to be arrogant, it can also lead to a culture of laziness. Their actions get every good and law-abiding Filipino fed up one way or another. Again, do I need to keep reminding these FLIPFAGs that theirbeing a Failipino is a CHOICE?!

A lot of problems are created thanks to the problem of jealousy. One may observe how more often than not that Failipinos have the problem of jealousy. They accuse others of being jealous because they too have the wrong type of jealousy. Jealousy can be healthy at a certain level since it can mean one is fiercely protective or vigilant on one's rights. Meanwhile, the wrong type of jealousy is when one is envious or desirous over what is not theirs. It's a reality that cannot be denied. Even a few incidents like the One Direction ticket incident prove how the Philippines has the wrong type of jealousy when... some of those who were lining up to buy the ticket revealed their outrage against those who were able to secure the otherwise pricey VIP ticket. But that was just a small picture of what can be observed with the problem of having the wrong type of jealousy.

It was very often for FLIPFAGs to hate Filipino-Chinese. Likewise, FLIPFAGs are jealous of Filipino-Chinese because a lot of the latter are richer than they are. Some of them are even jealous of successful Pinoys. Why do they hate Filipino-Chinese and call them names like "yellow trash"? It's because it's very easy to associate Filipino-Chinese to wealthy businessmen... perhaps they ignore the fact there are also wealthy Pinoys too right? It's almost comparable to Hitler's jealousy problem with the Jewish population because he grew up in rags, a lot of the Jews grew up in riches. But in their case, unlike Hitler who worked diligently to rise up into power,most of them are just a group of lazy people whose poverty continues thanks to them. Being born into poverty is not a choice but one can get out of poverty thanks to hard work. Hypocritically, some of them still eat at Jollibee and shopping in SM while hating Filipino-Chinese.

It can also be observed with the nonsense policy of economic protectionism. More of than not, one can see the flaw of the FLIPFAG economic model. Again do I need to stress up or emphasize the fact that an open economy DOES NOT mean that foreigners are invaders? At the same time, why do they even think that OFWs means the Philippines is invading the world? They have their jealousy towards firms from the developed countries. If the economy is opened, these oligarchs will need to innovate and be competitive. Foreign firms will end up being chosen over them if they don't change for the better. So what better way than to request 60/40 right? In turn, this creates the reality that protectionist loving Failipinos get what they deserve.

Politics has also become an arena of jealousy. Blamenitis is the disease and blaming is the game. For one, I even think that President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuanco Aquino must be jealous of some of Gloria Arroyo's economic achievements. Now I'm not saying that Gloria was clean, she had her issues to answer for but she also done stuff like get the MRT fixed and strengthen the economy after the downfall of Sherap Estrada from the presidency. Worse, he takes credit for what Gloria did in her presidency. It's really annoying how President Nobita's last 2012 SONA blames Gloria and takes credit for her work. One can see that while ABiaS-CBN makes Philippines look like Asia's next miracle, one cannot ignore the MRT Problems and Killer Tax Rates were brought by President Nobita's administration. Blame Gloria, blame Gloria... does he do it because he jealous of her achievements?

Not to mention, one can see what's wrong with the culture of majority of Metro Manila. I remembered how Achie Flores wished that a tsunami will hit the Visayas. It's because of jealousy since foreigners prefer the Visayas over Luzon. Instead of trying to solve ongoing issues like traffic, pollution, crime and the like... they instead stick to their Pwede Na Yan culture. They instead choose to engage in crab mentality, an attitude problem that has dragged the Philippines down. They fail to see that the Visayas' progress is what prevents the Philippines from entering into the state similar to Bangladesh. Unless Manila's authorities take time to correct the problems of their district, they will always be a subject of mockery and criticism. Claire Danes was right about Manila, some Canadians even call Manila a dump. If they don't want to hear such comments, persona non-grata is not the solution. Rather, they must really clean up the mess before it's too late.

What can be done is this. Instead of staying jealous of other people's achievements, why not work instead? Remember not everyone is destined for the gold medal but we can certainly excel in some way. What is important for the athlete is not the gold medal but honor and hard work. While grades are certainly important but learning must be valued all the more. People must realize awards and recognition are part of life but not everybody is destined for them. Even without a gold model, one can still be successful even if he or she is a "nobody" in the case, not a famous person. Like it's still possible to have lots of money even if one is not a public figure with hard work and proper investment. It's time to throw out the wrong type of jealousy out of the window.