Filipinos Need to Differentiate Disciplinarian Rule From Communist Rule

FLIPFAGs are among the worst offenders when it comes to breaking guidelines. What can be blamed is the type of government the Philippine has. In my case, a lot of their kind tend to call me a Communist or a tyrannical ruler
because of my views. First, do they even know what a Commie is? It's stupid to compare a teacher who punishes a student caught cheating during an exam with a zero, sending them to the discipline office to Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong.

Now I would like to raise my views that makes me "sound like a Communist":
  • The need for stronger military discipline and modernize the Philippine Army.
  • More rigid patrol against crime.
  • Stricter traffic rules are necessary to keep the roads safe and business going.
  • Emphasis of workplace discipline and decency.
  • Giving fines to offenses like mendicancy, littering, feeding birds, spitting anywhere, pooing anywhere, peeing anywhere and vandalism.
  • Copying the caning policy of Singapore for certain offenses like massive vandalism of property and gross disrespect.
  • The government must never plead for its guilty citizens.
  • My desire to return death penalty for the most severe cases.
  • The need to implement rules strictly.
  • Whenever I praise much of Chinese entertainment over most of Pinoy entertainment better called Failipino entertainment.
  • Whenever I mention how China in spite of being a Communist government has managed to lift its economy for the better.

The whole problem of the Philippines is TOO MUCH FREEDOM. It has refused to discern disciplinarian style of leadership to Communistic style of leadership. One may consider the differences between disciplinarian government vs. Communistic government when it comes to governance:
  • Communist governments implement discipline by force. Disciplinarian governments to not use force unless necessary.
  • Communist governments may go as far as to run over everyone during a rally. Disciplinarian governments will use reasonable force to stop a rally.
  • Communist governments censor the media too much. Disciplinarian governments do not.
  • The Communist government may execute Stinky Soliman directly. Disciplinarian governments will weigh her offenses first before sentencing her.
  • Communist governments are not a democracy. Disciplinarian governments can be a democracy done right.

Also I could raise the issue it's a shame that Communist China may be more moral than democratic Philippines with the following:
  • Use of profanity in the media in China is forbidden. Philippines is very lax with it.
  • Zheng Xiaoyou the corrupt health minister was executed. No disciplinary action was done to Stinky Soliman.
  • Drug dealers in China all get their just desserts. Philippines has a lot of its citizens pleading for drug dealers because the government is very lax with them.
  • China has lots of laws against squatters. Philippines has a lot of squatters left unpunished.
  • China has a more open economy for a Communist state. The Philippines is still stuck with 60/40 while Filipino firms get higher ownership abroad.
  • Offenders from China don't get help from the government. In the Philippines, every time a Filipino offends, the government spends tax money hoping to get their pardon while hypocritically demanding guilty foreigners in the nation to be punished.
  • China does its best to curb the rich/poor gap. Not so in the Philippines.

Unfortunately FLIPFAGs will always miss the point, write bad comments and well let them. Besides I've turned on comment moderation here to insult them FLIPFAGs. After all, don't they just have their "Pinoy Pride" all the time? And to all this blog's attackers, no more Anonymous comments will be allowed.