Do you see all the tears? Do you see it? Well some people have the nerve to call me a crybaby whiner loser BUT LOOK WHO IS TALKING?! I would talk about the problem of Failipino activists and their cry baby culture. Nothing can be further than the truth than their own agendas, crocodile tears and sore loser culture.

So what shows these Failipino activists are nothing but cry babies? I always see those anti-American, anti-foreign rallies like that clown Toady Casino. I always find that guy a walking contradiction. If he's so anti-foreign why doesn't he live in a nipa hut, wear ethnic outfit, not eat out in fastfood, etc. because for one, Filipino culture is diverse. Filipino culture is divided between the good Filipinos and the Failipinos whether you like it or not.

How are Failipino activists onion-skinned crybabies? They protest against almost EVERYTHING that supposedly "wounds" Pinoy Pride. It's not so uncommon to see a Failipino activist get mad because of certain materials that are supposedly "offensive". I always think of them as a group of whiners who do nothing but yell for attention or troll websites like Get Real Philippines.

I cannot deny how these people are nothing but crybabies. Why do they keep demanding "justice" for GUILTY PINOYS?! A Filipino who is a Failipino breaks the law abroad, they rally hoping that he or she will be pardoned but hypocritically demand all guilty foreigners punished. Somehow their complex that they are a "holy people" is really annoying. Then they also fail to see the reason why drug dealing is already rampant.

In the first place, did they realize their LOVE for protectionism is what's fueling the problem of poverty and lack of employment? Really, every time there's an economic forum, protest. VFA arrives, protest. A lawmaker wants to repeal 60/40, protest. And with a democracy gone wrong, protectionism prevails. Then in return, they hypocritically want some "hero" to go abroad and earn easy money raising leeches.

Also, how many times do I need to raise the issue that Filipinos all over the world DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE PHILIPPINES RULES THE WORLD? Certainly Chinese like me are all over the world, most of my ancestors were from Mainland China and Macau but I DO NOT PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO CHINA. China does not rule the world just because of that. Filipinos are no different either.

Also how many times do I have to say that OFW MEANS OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER. If you work abroad, you are UNDER THE YOKE OF A FOREIGN MASTER. Sad to say but but these Failipino activists look like they think the world should bow down to them. -_-