Here's a video of the Pasay Post Office incident.  Just note that Pasay is a municipality that makes up Imperial Manila.  So really, corruption is so rampamt, STILL MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES?!  That mantra by David Guerrero may be viewed as nothing more than a scam to keep people "positive" in spite of the real problems that the Philippines needs to deal with.  Fortunately the incident is GOING VIRAL and I hope it will humiliate those corrupt people for their mistreatment of people.

This is all I can say.  While those Failipinos continue to attack countries like Taiwan, Japan and especially Singapore as "everybody's favorite tyranny", one can consider this incident is a real tyranny.  The child waited FOR A YEAR for his toys.  And guess what... they had to pay PHP 2,300.00 for "fees" just to get it.  It was a present, not something to be sold.  Really how heartless can the Bureau of Customs in Pasay be?  I hope this video will make everyone aware of who the real tyranny is.


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