Make It ILLEGAL for Establishments to Charge Higher Rates to Tourists!

Don't make me laugh!

The Department of Tourism can go ahead and keep flashing the slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines" but it's more of a tourist trap than the truth.  Sad to say but there's such a thing as a "local rate" and "tourist rate" though not all shops do the practice.  It's a crooked practice charges higher for tourists over locals.  In short, it's showing a wrong way of doing Filipino first.

I remembered the "logic" behind why they charge tourists higher.  Some idiots even dare say it's because it's for love of country and patriotism.  But knowing through Failipino logic especially that of the typical resident of Imperial Manila, it's always their Pinoy Pride.  It's the self-centered behavior like saying foreigners may only own 40% in the Philippines while Filipinos should own 100% around the world.  Sad to say but the 1972 and 1987 Constitution were both cronyistic when it came to economic policies.  It's also a tourist trap BECAUSE it tends to first, use the deceptive Guerrero slogan then MAKE EASY MONEY out of tourists.  It can create easy money at first but what about the long run?!

I would like to bring up why does Cebu have a high tourism rate?  A lot of their businessmen respect everyone.  I saw the tourist pay the same rate as the local.  Shops everywhere in Cebu sell at the right price.  Hotels always charge everyone the same rate regardless.  When you charge tourists and locals the same rate, it creates the value of fairness.  At the same time, it will also encourage repeat buying because of fairness.  When there is a value of fairness, expect more returns and more money in the long run.  Remember money that is easy come is easy go.

On the other hand, charging tourists higher than locals will kill tourism.  It will create the impression that all Filipinos are unfair and hostile even if it isn't true and only fair to their citizens.  When you don't do give and take... remember if nobody gives, nobody can take.  Sad to say but give and take isn't part of the Failipino culture.  Fortunately some decent Filipinos believe in fair practice whenever they charge everyone the same rates in their establishments.


  1. As if dem greedy government officials gives a f***, as long as they can milk out tons of cash from anyone....

    1. On the other hand, who would want to tour the Philippines if the truth is more obvious than the slogan, bang! Cash cycle will slow down so bad. Sheesh, they have no real logic.


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