It's Time To Be an OFW With A Plan

The picture above is by Rose Fres Fausto... 

I have written on why OFWs usually remain poor. Fortunately some Pinoys are OFWs who are Outstanding Filipino Workers not Overseas Failipino Workers. Sad to say but a lot of OFWs are Okay Fine Whatever... come back to the Philippines and two months later, they are out of money so they go abroad again. However it's time to change that mindset. Some Pinoys are doing their jobs properly abroad, some of them have their plans and it's time to salute OFWs who aren't Okay Fine Whatever but OFWs with a plan.

What makes up an OFW with a plan?  Here are things to consider:

1.) Not supporting leeches such as fiends and relathieves

These OFWs know the real reason why they are abroad. They know the sacrifice they are making is for the wife and children, not for leeches such as fiends and relatives.The balikbayan box is just for the nuclear family, nothing more. They don't consider it nationalistic but an act of foolishness to spend's one's hard earned money abroad for fiends and relatives. Forget about "pakikisama" or fellowship with the wrong crowd, they are FAIR WEATHERED FRIENDS.

2.) Not overspending but saving

Another value we may consider with OFWs with a plan is not overspending but saving.  They start to save the money so they have more money than pasalubong (take home gifts). They would start to invest the money slowly in the banks. One may consider time deposits, UITF and treasury bills for a small start with how to manage that money from abroad. They may even explain to their children why they aren't buying all the expensive stuff. Teaching children that true financial wealth comes from the amount of money you own, not the things you own should also be done.

3.) Doing one's work properly

They don't demand the world to bend to them. Rather, they believe that if you do the crime, you do the time. They don't want to play victim card with their bosses.  Instead, they would choose to do their jobs properly hoping to get a promotion. It might even be their ticket to get the whole family to migrate to their workplace. 

4.) They settle any financial burdens they have they have 

They may be working abroad due to some financial burden (and a lack of jobs thanks to a protectionist sore loser economy) and they are burdened with it.  Instead of spending it on nonsense stuff like the latest video game console, they choose to pay off their financial burdens. They do everything they can to settle financial burdens. They may even plan how not to get into financial burden.

5.) They may either choose to migrate the whole family or start their own business in the Philippines

Some of them may intend to migrate. Others may think of starting their own business with their hard earned money. It may not be big but they can certainly survive. They choose to invest the money they earned abroad wisely.

Image attribution: The image used was taken from this Phil Star article by Rose Fres Fausto... 


  1. Hi I am Rose Fres Fausto. I am the one who made the image that you used in the above article with the caption "I'm an OFW with a plan not an OFW - Okay Fine Whatever!" which I used for my article entitled "Help I don't want to be an OFW forever!" published in and on Oct 23, 2013. Here's the link: Please write the proper attribution - your source of my image (just like what I did at the end of my article to attribute the source of the image before I edited and created the caption). I look forward to your immediate action on this. Thank you.


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