When Will Failipinos Learn to Separate Kris and State?!

It's something how Failipino media just continues to fail to uphold what's important. They are ignoring REAL threats like ISIS terrorists have teamed up with the local terrorist group called the Abu Sayyaf, the possibility of Ebola entering the Philippines (and the Philippines already has the Eh-Bola epidemic) and a possible attack from China (and the Philippines isn't ready). Instead, it's focused on stupid stuff like Kris Aquino, a plague that goes on worse than those annoying One Direction fantards who are taking their fandom of the boyband too far.

The problem is how many times has it been since Kris and State aren't separated thanks to a democracy ahem democrazy?! Every problem with Kris becomes a national issue. The fight between Kris and Ruffa Guiterrez should have been kept private. Right now Kris gets an allergy, it becomes a headline. In the past, her love life is headline and everything she does is headline. Whatever wrong she does, a lot of people It's already clear that Kris is an attention whore and she does everything to get your attention. To be honest, IT IS FREAKING ANNOYING TO THE BONE! It's no wonder why decent Pinoys have had enough of this attention hag and may end up severely criticizing Failipino entertainment for it is.

A lot of the Failipino people themselves are putting too much emphasis on Kris. In spite of her loose morals, she still gets to be adored by the masses. Everything Kris does is already an importance to Kristards. They support her just because she is the late Ninoy's and the late Cory's daughter. I've met some women who impersonate her mannerisms and lifestyle. They follow her dress code, her hairstyle, they treat her as the epitome of womanhood... oh puh-lease. She's been wrecking happy homes, causing trouble and influencing people for the worse.

Here's an example of Kris Aquino becomes important. I remembered how often as a student and a teacher, a lot if excuses were made based on her activities. One classmate I had said, "Well madame, I didn't appear because I'm worried about the fight of Kris and James." or "Well I'm sorry, if the meeting will make me miss Deal or No Deal, I'm not going." type of excuses. It's horrible really to think how Kris Aquino gets prioritized over things that REALLY MATTER. That of course is an epic facedesk.

The worse is the media. The media has already lost ethics. The blame can go to ABiaS-CBN which is the network in the service of the Aquino. ABiaS-CBN is known for sensationalism and isn't Kris loving all the sensation she's gotten?! It's annoying how often important news is often overshadowed by Kris, dominated by Kris and ran by Kris. It's already a Krisocracy or the Rule of Kris Aquino. Important stuff that should be dealt with are getting ignored because Failipinos refuse to separate Kris and State. Worse, they are calling every decent Pinoy as "unpatriotic" for opposing such foolishness.

Let me also make a wild guess guess... a lot of problems that the Nobita Administration should have been solving are all focused on Kris?! Maybe for all you know, taxpayers' money are used for the welfare of Kris, not for the welfare of the Philippine state. It's just a wild theory but... let me think... what if it were true right?!