Failipino Media And Glorifying The Victim Card Mentality

Don't EVEN attempt to convince me!

It's no doubt there is the reality of the rich oppressor and the oppressed poor. That's the reality of places especially where the gap between rich and poor is that big from the Philippines to South American countries to countries like Bangladesh. However, we must note that not all rich people are oppressors and not all poor people are oppressed. Racism against Filipinos can be real in any ethnocentric country but note that Filipinos are NOT the only victims. Let us try to be critically minded about the issue and what the Failipino media portrays. This is always about the Victim Card Mentality which in short is, "I am never wrong because I am the victim." That is what is pretty wrong with the Failipino mindset and it is very glorified in media.

The favorite TV station of the FLIPFAG?!

One of the worst offenders if not the worst offender is ABiaS-CBN. More often than not, I am getting fed up with the constant influx of Failipino entertainment. Am I non-nationalistic to choose quality shows from my ancestral land of China and Macau over Pinoy entertainment that's good as garbage? Not at all. Besides, nationalism does not mean patronizing your country's garbage and true love for country will criticize one's country first before others. True nationalism is putting the concerns of the nation first even if it means allowing foreigners to help it. What am I frequently seeing in ABiaS-CBN is what the promotion of the "poor me" victim card mentality. Why is Krisis Aquino so glorified? It's because of the victim card mentality. I cannot agree any further than the victim card mentality is prevalent.

One of the earlier offenders of promoting the "victim card mentality" is the Flor Contemplacion Story. It was nothing more than a series of fabrications. It certainly received awards such as FAMAS, Gawid Urian Awards, Luna Awards, Star Awards for Movies from the Philippines Movies Press Club and Young Critics' Circles. Why did it win so many awards? It's because they were awarding films that appealed to the victim card mentality. The guilt of Flor Contemplacion was erased in spite of her CAREFUL TRIAL based on truth. The show tried to make her an innocent heroine, it's a far fetch from the truth. She was given a heroine's burial which SHE DID NOT DESERVE.

The facts just need to be said. Flor Contemplacion DID NOT have a hasty trial as the film portrayed it. Singaporean laws are very strict against police brutality. They gave her a fair trial for three years. Any claim she was drugged or tortured can be proven otherwise. Why were the witnesses dismissed? It was too last minute aka not even the two witnesses were valid. I would believe they investigated the claims but were found baloney. Sad to say but the whole time, she was really guilty. Still, the victim card mentality plays on.

Forget it, it's a useless gesture that covers up the GUILTY!

Ever since then, the Philippines has been stuck with groups like Migraine International. During March 30, 2011 one may recall Sally Villanueva, Elizabeth Batain and Ramon Credo who after a three year trial were RIGHTFULLY EXECUTED. Rallies, prayers, etc. were done for them and they were all USELESS. The victim card mentality here can be called the Filipino Victim Card Mentality or the Pinoy Victim Card Mentality. Failipinos are victim card carriers who believe that just because one is a Pinoy, that person can do no wrong never mind if one Pinoy was a victim of a fellow Pinoy. That alone actually creates no justice for the Pinoy who is a victim of a fellow Pinoy. Do I think they are really helping OFW welfare in general? I don't think so. From what it looks like, they are using the victim card to further their agenda. Those who use the victim card are also trying to further their selfish agenda and personal reasons.

One has to consider the difference also between murder and self-defense. Making diplomacy for a person who had killed out of self-defense is different from making an appeal to a person who has committed murder. One tries to appeal to one who was in a life and death situation. Meanwhile to make appeal for a murderer is to make an appeal for a GUILTY person. Sometimes the murder victim of a Pinoy may just be a fellow Pinoy. Morally speaking, it's NOT a crime to kill out of self-defense. Rallying for a person who killed out of self-defense but was wrongfully executed, then that "useless" rally is really more useful than demanding amnesty to those who truly deserve it.

Being poor gives you right to the Victim Card game...

Well what should be mentioned is also how Failipino media frequently portrays the rich as oppressors and the poor as oppressed NEVER MIND the reality that the owners the TV station are rich. This appeals to the masses to actually create a justification for the "nationalistic value" of victim card mentality and that being poor gives you entitlement of the victim card mentality. One of the worst offenders is ABiaS-CBN. Others are the movies you can see more often times than not in the Failipino cinema.

One may notice how often we have rich/poor romances with the man being poor, the girl being rich coming from a rich family as common fodder these days as opposed to the rich guy and poor girl scenario. You have rich people usually portrayed as the oppressors. You have the rich girl who wants freedom, she's portrayed as either spoiled or wants freedom. Sometimes you even have the leading guy as the "macho image" who is a drunkard, thug, gambler, etc. the "cool image" that Failipino men have. In short, the type of image that may force decent Pinays to intermarry with non-Pinoy Filipinos if they can't find a decent Pinoy guy or marry a foreigner to have a stable marriage. We always have the poor man get the girl in the end even if he doesn't prove his worth unlike others who have proven their worth.

This also destroys practicality and hides the ugly truth with poverty. It's easy for me to pity the poor because they lack money. However, poverty has become a privilege instead of a plight. In what way? A just and fair landlord cannot expel a tenant for violations in the contract because the tenant is POOR. In the Philippines, it seems to be being poor gives one the right to squat, the right to steal, the right to make excuses just as being rich gives one the right to escape justice. In short, it's a crooked system that plays the victim. What is also ignored is that being rich or poor is not what makes a person bad, it's how the person lives.

The logic is also warped in this way. For example a rich man forms a gang. Gangster members are usually poor people. Now let's think about how siding with only either rich or poor is partial justice. If you refuse to arrest the mastermind, he can always get new goons. If you refuse to arrest the goons, they can always get new masterminds to work for. In getting rid of a gang, you must arrest EVERY MEMBER and punish them accordingly. However moronic law enforcers can ignore the poor out of a wrong sense of pity just as they can pardon the rich because of bribery.

Two incidents that may have butthurt Failipino media...

Likewise, the producers of Failipino media are wielders of the victim card themselves. Now what happened above is STUPID from the One Direction ticket line to well, someone did file a sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno fan event. I always thought of that nobody ever shed that much tears for not getting a ticket to any Obviously Palpak Music or to any movie event. Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno defeated EVERY last Failipino movie around. I mean, just think has anybody cried for not entering into any Failipino movie as of late? Hehehehehe. In fact, decent Pinoys have had enough of the failure of Failipino media. I've seen Pinoys who aren't afraid to criticize Failipino entertainment preferring to be not the typical Pinoy but the enlightened Pinoy.

So what do they do as a "solution"? They like the butthurt economists and politicians appeal to protectionism. Last time, a proposal to get rid of the rights of Filipinos to bring books, DVDs and the like from abroad was nearly passed. It's all done in the name of nationalism but the reality is, they are adhering to the butthurt requests of local artists. One way or another, those Failipino artists should learn to INNOVATE and STOP BEING FAILIPINO and BECOME DECENT PINOYS/FILIPINOS, get rid of that stupid Pinoy Pride syndrome if they don't want to be crushed by foreigners... rather than appeal to protectionism. It's no wonder why piracy is a battle that's very hard to defeat if not impossible to defeat in the Philippines.

Like it or not, blaming "colonial mentality" is really more of a victim card complex. Colonial mentality wouldn't be prevalent IF these Pinoy producers didn't produce what's best called Failipino. But all they do is produce the SAME garbage OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It's really getting tired, old and everything. Even some Pinoys are getting worn out by the same garbage to the point they end up preferring mostly foreign things and get biased to everything Pinoy made, even if it's of good quality. All I can say is, the butthurt Failipino media can be seen with their sore loser culture like threatening to punch or hurt people who refuse to embrace the wrong value called Pinoy Pride.


  1. I totally agree! Especially for Flor Contemplacion case which I have first knowledge and personally involved from the time she was arrested to arranging donations for her family. The activists have got it all mixed up and they themselves are creating the falsehood and teaching the lesser ambitious people to fake or exaggerate.

  2. I'm a Filipino and even I agree with all the points made. I hate the Victim/Slave Mentality that is prevalent in our culture. It's hard to admit but I tend to be very critical when it comes to Filipinos claiming to be raped/abused especially when the accused is a foreigner. And the activist groups supporting them, splashing their names in the media, clearly have their own agendas outside of fighting for rights. About Filipino drug mules and such convicted of their crimes? Most, if not all, went into their situations with eyes wide open. I say, let them take accountability for their decisions. They wanted easy money, decided to commit a crime and got caught. Easy as that. Why waste tax payer's money to let the Vice President travel abroad and make useless appeals? What the Philippine government should do is make sure that trials are done fairly then accept the judicial decision. No need for media posturing. Don't even get me started on Filipino entertainment!

    To my fellow Pinoys, poverty is very real in our country and we should learn to dig ourselves out of it with honor and honesty. And stop playing the victim if one is truly not.

    1. Thanks for your support peacekappia. Indeed you are a Pinoy who has given real consideration of what has happened. Indeed, you are honorable in what you just said.


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