Protectionist Loving Failipinos DESERVE Their Shitty Services!

One must address the issue of economic protectionism is a major problem. Why is that? It's overly protective with the policy that foreign firms may only own 40% and Filipinos own 60%, which is unfair. For what reason? Why are Filipinos allowed to own 50%-100% ABROAD while foreigners may only own 40% ownership in the Philippines. It's because it's a sore loser culture and worse, protectionism is a result of the 1972 Constitution (under Marcos) and the refusal of the 1987 Constitution (under Cory) to correct that mistake.

The so-called justification of protectionism is done under the name of nationalism and democracy. Sad to say but it looks like that because most Filipinos are Failipinos, not the enlightened Filipino then economic protectionism is also what the people want. After all, isn't democracy a government for the people, BY THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE? Sad to say but Philippine democracy is usually misguided... numbers makes right all the time. Which in turn has put a cycle of incompetent rulers and despots one after the other. Who put the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. in power? THE PEOPLE. Who put President Nobita C. Aquino in power? THE PEOPLE. And we have the problem of politicians and stupid voters. BOTH are at fault but the problem is the people.

If protectionism is a result of BAD POLITICS then who is to blame for bad politics? It really goes down to the people. Why do people KEEP voting for the same persons? It's because of their wrong beliefs that it's quantity over quality when it comes to credibility. They throw away credibility. One may also blame the lack of education or the poor quality of education. We have DepEd to blame because they are lousy educators. Any smart Pinoy in the field of education who objects will be antagonized by the DepEd. The reason would be linked to the PEOPLE.

It's time to think about the Filipino people's sub-sector called Failipinos. We have the problem of leftist groups like Bobo Muna, AkBobo, Anak ng Bobo, Gabriella and Migraine International. To be honest, it really pisses me off how many times Migraine sets its tears in public then opposes the idea of economic forums. Losers like Toady A. Casino of Bobo Muna always have their "Pinoy Pride". Some people even force Pinoy Pride down the throats of decent Pinoys. The idea of Pinoy Pride is already nothing more than a wrong sense of nationalism. Plus, these losers always BLAME "colonial mentality" whenever something imported and better beats them.

One may notice how often the Failipino has their huge tendency to hate foreigners (while hypocritically wearing imported brands during the protest then eating at KFC/McDo at the end of the rally). They want foreign aid out because it intervenes with their cherished Pinoy Pride. Everything is always about, "If foreigners butt in, the greatness of Pinoys will be affected." It's the value of arrogance that fuels protectionism. Arrogant people are braggarts and not to mention sore losers. If they can shelter the economy, protect the local businesses too much... then it would really keep up with their Pinoy pride right?

Unfortunately such thinking is not really right at all. So one may think the consequences of the ideas of protectionism. At first, it sounds good on paper if you are a businessman. However it trickles down to the worst side. Let us examine the effects one by one. This will help us understand why Failipinos deserve protectionism. In life we need competition to keep things going. Not that I suggest an economic Darwinism but that I am saying, a healthy amount of competition.

When there is less competition, there is less need to be competitive. A monopoly makes one the only business to provide such a service. Being in a monopoly turns a businessman into a dictator. Let us think electricity these days is a necessity. You need electricity because we no longer live in the era when scientists used oil lamps and wrote their journals on paper. Today, scientists encode on their laptops to back-up their findings for the day. Since electricity is a necessity and there's only one for example Muralco... then people have no choice but to submit to their SHITTY SERVICES. Even if Muralco gives them high price for shitty services, theyc cannot complain. This in turn also is the reason why a lot of Pinoy products and services are shitty because there is no competition.

When there is less competition, there is less supply and more demand. It doesn't take a rocket economist to figure out the BASICS of economics. It's been learned in high school. When there is less competition, there is less supply and because demand is high, prices go up. It's an obvious manipulation of prices so they earn more. So why do Filipino products have the tendency to be more expensive than imported ones? It's because electricity is high, raw material cost is high all thanks to too little supply and too little demand. Just think, can you produce ANYTHING at a lower cost if every necessary cost is super-duper expensive? Common sense will give you the answer that you cannot.

When there is less competition, there is also less taxes. Why is it that Kill Henares and the like are turning the Bureau of Internal Revenue into the Bureau of Internal Robbery? It's because of a lack of taxes. I wonder if they even think that allowing foreigners to invest in the Philippines means no taxes at all. It's already standard operating procedure where you earn your income, you pay taxes where you earn it. For example, if I have a business in America, I must pay American taxes. If a Chinese man operates a Chinese restaurant in the Philippines, all the earnings for the Philippine branch goes to the Philippines, not to China. Common sense should also tell that if there is more competition, then there is also more revenue to turn the wheels.

When there is less competition, there is less employment. So why are many Filipinos looking for work abroad? As I love to emphasize it, they are NOT taking over the world. Because there is a lack of competition, then jobs are hard to find forcing Filipinos to fly abroad. Not everyone can accommodate a huge workforce. For example, a huge firm like that of John Gokongwei or Henry Sy may be job providers but they definitely cannot accommodate every Pinoy looking for a job. A lack of competitors means a lack of employers. Even with this reality, Failipinos still love protectionism maybe it's because they feel like OFWs means they are taking over the world. It's a really delusional mindset that must be snapped out of them.

On the other hand consider why China is now progressive in spite of being a Communist country. They have opened up their economy by allowing 50%-100% foreign ownership which therefore creates more competition. More competition means the need to be competitive exists resulting to better services. More competition means being able to produce at a lower cost and better quality. More competition means there will be more taxes. More competition means there will be more employment. All I can say is, all those protectionist lovers are getting what they deserve.


  1. ....and what's annoying is that even we who didn't want these conditions brought about lack of competition are also harmed. >.<


    "After all, isn't democracy a government for the people, BY THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE?" - For the Failippines, it's OFF the people because we BUY the people and FOOL the people...


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