The NAIA 3 Incident is a Picture of FLIFPAG Culture!

This is one of the worst things that show the culture of arrogance and pettiness in Imperial Manila. To be honest, this is an Aliens vs. Predator battle meaning regardless who wins, we lose. So here's the scoop... we have a rude taxi driver vs. rude police officer.

The police officer is Alejandro Pineda Jr. For one, both are in the wrong and BOTH should be punished. Here's an evaluation of what really happened:

On the side of the taxi driver. He is GUILTY of disregarding traffic signs, obstruction, direct assault and resisting arrest. I would be pissed off if I were in the place of the police officer. However not that I condone to what the police officer is doing.

On the side of the police officer. Now it's understandable if you are pissed off because of a rude taxi driver. However you DO NOT take the law into your own hands. The situation is no better than Steven Slater's Jetblue Flight Incident who attacked the uncooperative passenger, made some swearing and did a lot of unauthorized stuff. The police officer BROKE the glass of the taxi. Even if he's angry, there are still other ways to negotiate with a rude guy. Being rude in return doesn't solve the problem at all.

Now why did that happen? It's the culture of arrogance. Sad to say but Imperial Manila is a city that's so engrossed with arrogance and pride that it results to a sore loser culture. This is a very good example of why Pinoy Pride won't help the Philippines!