The Painful Experiences Of Most OFWs During The Holiday Season!

I wrote an article on why most OFWs usually remain poor. Now it's time to see the woes of most OFWs during the holiday season. Like it or not, most of them aren't able to go home because not every country celebrates Christmas (ex. Middle Eastern countries). One can consider the reality of the OFW especially when it comes to relathieves to take them for granted.

From what I have observed a lot of them are into menial jobs or graveyard jobs. For example, jobs like being domestic helpers and nurses aren't easy to leave posts. Again, no job is. For countries like Singapore, some of their bosses may consider giving a Christmas break. However not all country respects that... and if you are in their country, you have to comply with the observance of ANY occasion they do. Like some of them may give you a holiday depending on what goes on.

The real scope is most OFW families don't consider the difficulty of working abroad. While some do but most don't. Some may have the mom telling them that work abroad is no walk in the park. Most of them however take that money for granted never mind how much difficult it is. Having a menial job abroad may pay more but the amount of physical energy required DOES NOT CHANGE. One may also consider that menial jobs may extend itself during the holidays to meet with a deadline. A Christmas break does not mean that a construction company is closed because there's factors to consider. One may consider some have their Christmas break earlier, some will have it on Christmas but some will have it after Christmas because there's a task to meet.

What do I want to bring up with OFW families who don't realize the difficulty of working abroad? One can face it... that certain OFW may be spending Christmas with sick patients or scrubbing dirt. That OFW may be helping her boss prepare for a Christmas party. While they are not necessarily abused but any work always uses up energy no matter what you think. But what do most OFWs families do? I admit that some of them admit that the money usually ends up being spent to satisfy the fiesta mentality. With that in mind, just think of how much money is spent on the Christmas and New Year WHILE that overseas relative is probably not celebrating at all!

This gives me the thought. Some people are unfortunately forced to become OFWs because of a sissy ass government that refuses to open up its economy. Also, when it can enter into the minds of people that Filipinos working around the world DOES NOT mean that the Philippines is taking over the world. Rather, the OFW phenomenon shows that the Philippines LACKS JOBS and it needs to freaking OPEN UP ITS ECONOMY! Again, most governments are still stubborn, oligarchs continue to support corruption because they are beneficiaries of protectionism. The Philippines needs to open up its economy or fail like Bangladesh and Somalia.