Filipinos SHOULD CONDEMN NOT CONDONE Offenses Done By Fellow Filipinos!

I just read of two Chinese passengers that got into trouble for allowing their toddlers to poo on the seat which is a huge act of rudeness (source). Here's the response that made my day copied/pasted from the article:

Following the incident, Chinese social network Weibo came alive with commenters expressing their disgust, many of whom condemned the family for embarrassing their homeland.

It was nice to see how these Chinese people commenting at Weibo chose not to side with the family but rather, CONDEMN the couple for embarrassing their homeland. Reading some incidents in China with some unusually rude Chinese passengers, they were not even censored out by a supposedly Communist-controlled media. Instead, they were allowed to be shown. This shows that China while it is a COMMUNIST COUNTRY has a sense of accountability.

One may want to recall the melamine scandal last 2008. What did China do to Zheng Xiaoyu? They EXECUTED HIM for his corrupt acts that otherwise brought China down. Meanwhile in the Philippines, Stinky Soliman is not even getting berated over her neglect of the relief goods. China would have fired her for neglect. If she were really doing it on purpose, she may even get executed. Which is humane? Letting a crook stay alive and harm others or executing a crook who is harming others?

China took its accountability. Not only did it pull out EVERY last melamine laced product from the world, it also APOLOGIZED for such actions. Such actions are NOT common to the Philippines. One of the reasons why China today is a progressive Communist state is because of the culture of accountability, something many Filipinos lack.

On the other hand, it's amazing to see how many Filipinos actually follow the culture of condoning to the misdeeds of their fellow Pinoys. Whether it'd be rude behavior or CRIME, they always try to condone the offenses done by fellow Filipinos just because they are their countrymen. They always try to condone EVERY MISDEED. Would have Philippines been the country of the melamine scandal, it may even lose its relations to the rest of the world BECAUSE the government didn't do anything.

Now for the example from The Real Singapore website.

A security guard from Singapore wrote (Taken fromhere):

I met a group of Pinay ladies from the Philippines eating and talking loudly at our Singapore main shopping district. Despite a sign saying that they are not allowed to eat and drink there they deliberately ignore the warnings and continue eating and drinking there.

I am one of the staff working in the shopping centre and when I approached them not to eat and drink there they started scolding me in their own language and some of them started laughing at me. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life before.

Eventually, more and more of these Pinay ladies started gathering in that area to do their own drinking and eating. Every weekend when I am working, they will be there to gather and do their own things. Some of them were very rude and even scolded me a stupid Singaporean.

Some of them even laughed at my job as a security guard and asked me if I wanted money to buy things for my wife. I am a hardworking person I do not understand why I deserve to be discriminated in my own country by these law-breaking women from the Philippines.

Then we get this butthurt FLIFPAG response here. Here's an excerpt since it's a long letter:

There is nothing wrong with us gathering at public places in Orchard Road because we do not have anywhere else to go relax. Everywhere in Singapore is crowded and the shopping centres and parks is always full. Where else can we go? I want to also comment about the comments made by your readers.

Before I continue, I would like to say that yes, I am guilty of being a lazy filipino that is working in a company that is full of foreigners and not a single native Singaporeans that I know of work in there. But it is not my fault that the companies are able to exploit the cheap labour of other countries and discriminate against Singaporeans. Why are Singaporeans targetting us innocent filipinos when we have done nothing wrong except trying to earn more money for our family and ourselves?

Here's where it goes wrong. The FLIPFAG tries to rationalize the msideed that was just mentioned by some Pinays who are better called Failipinas because their behavior disgraces the Philippines. Just think... why rationalize rule breaking? Unlike the Chinese who condemned the family I mentioned earlier on Weibo, you get this note CONDONING the very wrong deed?! Say Filipinos have done nothing wrong as a whole? Epic facedesk to that... every sensible Pinoy knows that is a STUPID STATEMENT!

Luckily one Filipino really stood up and mentioned these points that make Filipinos look bad:

1) You guys don't get how inappropriate it is to just have a picnic almost everywhere in Singapore. Literally, in corners of the MRT, on the streets of Orchard, even having the cheek to set up speakers etc. Look, this is Singapore, this is not Philippines. You can't just anyhow be disruptive and noisy even if it's on a "busy noisy street' like Orchard road.

2) More than half the time, the jack*ss on the train playing music OUT LOUD is filipino. Seriously, dude, learn to buy earphones or headphones jeez. I don't think most filipinos even have the social awareness to realize that it's rude to do that here. Don't you see those courtesy campaigns from SMRT? They're there for a reason.

3) Many of you guys act like we should be blowing smoke up your *ss because you guys are foreign. Look, I don't think you're so special being foreign, want to know why? SINGAPORE'S HISTORY IS LITERALLY BASED ON FOREIGN RACES COMING HERE AND SETTLING HERE. YOU'RE NOT THAT SPECIAL.

4) You guys talk way too loudly in trains. Like 2), this is, I emphasize once more, Singapore. Maybe in your culture back home it's totally normal to talk so obnoxiously loud, but in Singapore, we're more reserved than that. We like our own private quiet times, especially since it's hard to get times like that in an overpopulated city like the little red dot. So when we're on a crowded train and all we can hear is some obnoxious loud conversation, honestly it's irritating. I'm not saying you can't talk but come on do you not know how to whisper?

5) This specifically goes to the guy who said Tagalog should be a language here; NO. Just no. Look, we are foreigners, literally we are the guests here. Yes it's true hosts should be hospitable and Singapore has been more than that, but respect is a 2-way lane. Since we are guests, we shouldn't expect everyone in Singapore to adapt to our customs, instead the onus is on us to integrate into THEIR society. You don't see people from other cultures acting so obnoxiously like that, do you? We're not so special filipinos, we need to respect this country and their people.