How "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is Creating a Culture of Dysfunction!

Hee hee hee... DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!

It's no secret that the tagline is catchy. However it has become more deceptive campaign than anything else when you look at the truth. I still can't get over that IDIOT who gave such a preposterous invitation to a Vietnamese who got tourist-trapped in Singapore. I would like to raise how David Guerrero's marketing slogan is not only preposterous (the word "more" is not needed) but also, it has created a culture of dysfunction. Knowing that Christmas, New Year and more are just around the corner... I felt like writing this article as well.

I would like to say first, the word "more" is not even necessary. It's the entire problem of the slogan. It seeks to derail the rest of the world as non-fun places to get people to come to the Philippines. It almost reminds me of Pinocchtiu ahem Pinocchio. Pinocchio had the story of the fox and the cat as well as that of the land of toys. The fox and the cat conned Pinocchio. Later on in the story, the wicked coachman lured away children by promising them fun but only to exploit them. Isn't it also more or less the same thing the slogan is doing?

The problem is not only is the slogan deceptive marketing but it's also creating a culture of dysfunction. One may consider this... you CANNOT have fun all the time. Sometimes you have to do your job even if it hurts you. A good lawyer may enjoy defending the innocent but he/she definitely does not enjoy it when he/she has to walk out of a guilty client. A good policeman enjoys upholding the law but may not be in the best mood he had to arrest his best friend for robbing a bank. Life itself is never always sunshine, there are cloudy days too.

Sad to say but the Pinoy culture of dysfunction does not take problems seriously. Instead of solving the problems, they are making fun of the problems. Not that I recommend whining and bitching about it... it's that I recommend taking problems seriously to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

It can be observed how Failipinos just want to treat every problem lightly. One may consider how people even try to have a good time in the middle of a disastrous flood. What's stupid is that instead of evacuating, I'm seeing people treating flood waters in Imperial Manila as a playground. I don't care if they're too poor to go to Splash Island or the amusement park... those flood waters are DIRTY not to mention an obstruction to work.

It reminds me of how people in Pompeii back then treated the quakes and ash falls as "nothing else". They all tried to ignore the problem of the possibility that Mt. Vesuvius was about to erupt. They wanted to keep enjoying the luxury of Pompeii. Remember all the WARNINGS that Mt. Vesuvius could erupt was already there. You cannot deny that ashes falling is a sign that the volcano could erupt. Sulfuric gas was probably abounding. Quakes should have been a warning. But no, according to historians, they just ignored EVERY sign and thus a lot of people died. They could have vacated Pompeii but they refused to.

Another problem that the campaign has created is the culture of impunity, victim card and not following rules. Some fat blob once said, "The culture where Filipinos stand by for their fellow guilty Filipinos makes life worth living in the Philippines." Excuse me... every decent Pinoy is sick of seeing Failipinos stand by guilty Filipinos. Worse, such criminals may end up getting a hero's/heroine's burial in the process. It's just SICK!

It's utterly stupid to see people break rules. They break rules because they consider it fun to do so. They think it's "hard work" to do simple stuff like garbage segregation, throwing your trash at the right place, cleaning up the place... and they would rather have fun. I remembered the time I accidentally crossed the pedestrian light when it wasn't time to cross. I paid the fine then... it happened. Another batch came in and instead of cooperating with the traffic aide, they reasoned out, "Breaking rules, it's more fun in the Philippines." They ran off giving the poor traffic aide a difficult time!

This culture of dysfunction has the idea of "Fiddling like Rome burns." I don't know how reliable was it that it was said, when Rome burned, Nero fiddled. Sad to say but the Philippines is THAT kind of place. I cannot really think of anything esle but the whole idea that it has reached the political arena.

Who can remember as President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino laughed during the whole Rolando Mendoza incident? Likewise he has ignored problems like the energy crisis (which COULD have been easily solved with renewable energy) and you might consider the MRT is getting a fare hike for TRASHY SERVICES. You cannot just say "It's More Fun in the Philippines" WHEN disasters happen one way or another. Did the Singaporeans say, "It's More Fun in Singapore" when the Vietnamese got conned? No... they immediately worked action on it. Likewise, some areas of the Philippines have already created a culture of accountability.

Instead, it's really something that President Nobita fiddles while issues like DAP and PDAF go on. Just as Nero always had someone to take the blame, President Nobita likewise uses Gloria M. Arroyo as his scapegoat. Seriously it's already 2014 and all he does is BLAME GLORIA?! Why can't he just focus on the problems of his administration?!

Not to mention, everything I just mentioned creates a false sense of positivism for the Filipino people. One may consider while you must not cry over spilled milk, you must also make measures not to spill milk or at least, not to spill that much milk. A false sense of positivism will make failure a joke. While acceptance of failure is a must but having no diligence will turn the value into a vice. As said, a positive mindset is USELESS if you are lazy just like being industrious is also useless if you do not have a positive mindset.