Giving TOO MUCH Emphasis on the Dingdong/Marian Wedding?!

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his 'busy' schedule to grace the 'royal' occasion.
Biggest event of the Doraemon series... President Nobita attends the wedding of the TV station that used to air him every afternoon as a child!

I have nothing against Dingdong Dantes marrying the love of his life Marian Rivera.  It's about time they tied the knots.  However some things were really wrong and President Nobita himself showed it.  Unfortunately it's a common problem among Filipinos (and those self-contradictory Failipinos) to give TOO MUCH emphasis on entertainment they are willing to pull off ridiculous stunts.  Who can forget the One Direction ticket line where people CAMPED just to get the ticket (which resulted to a mini-chaos) OR someone filed a sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event?  It's always a culture of "Celebrities First", a disease Pinoys have caught from Americans.

So what's the problem here?  The wedding was overly extravagant in this sense.  Roads closed from 7 AM to 9 PM for THIS WEDDING?!  That's crazy.  To be honest, with that in mind, I am glad I was never a fan of any of them.  Somehow, they are bloating themselves already.  They were treated like royalty... oh come on I can understand why Prince William had THAT KIND OF WEDDING but they are NOT ROYALTY.  The problem of the Philippines is that they treat celebrities like royalty... just like Kris Aquino's EVERY MINOR PROBLEM is even treated like as if a nuclear bomb will hit the Philippines.  Worse, not so many people complained about the nonsense.

I could also mention the stupidity of President Nobita.  So much for his "busy" schedule.  One can think, he even said he has no time to go to Tacloban.  Please, that is just stupid and it shows he is also what's wrong with people... entertainment is given priority over things that matter which anybody can be guilty of it.  Even one time I remembered attending a wedding, Francis Pangilinan didn't even go there and sent a proxy instead to act in his place.  But President Nobita?  He could have turned it down or even sent a proxy... but the problem has to be this.  He should be doing stuff like visiting calamity areas like Tacloban as of late.  But no, he's really putting all his personal stuff.  To be honest, he's not even doing anything to adjust the 1987 Constitution for the better.  Worse, his followers follow him like blind sheep and would do anything to defend their leader.  Some of them are the worst group of Internet trolls who would attack any anti-Nobitard as a Macoytard even when it's not true.

Here's the problem I can point out.  In countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore... even a big time celebrity wedding doesn't get that much attention.  It does get attention but some of them choose to marry privately or somewhere else.  But this wedding is treated too much like a huge monumental affair as if Dingdong was the prince of some country and Marian is a princess of some country.  Unfortunately, the Philippines is filled with people that treats entertainment as a need and not as a want.  It's like how they can cry over "No more One Direction ticket." never mind the bigger issues like tuition fee hikes.  It's time to realize the country is eating more dessert than proper food in their minds.