Free Riding On Successful Pinoys Is NOT Going To Help The Philippines

The Pinoy Pride mentality always has their mentality to use successful Pinoys for their boasting, "Pinoys are the best race on Earth." Just because a certain Pinoy makes it big outside, it doesn't mean the whole Pinoy race is the best. Fact to be faced - there are always successful people as well as failures in every race and Pinoys are NOT the exemption!

I don't deny there are successful Pinoys abroad. You have the likes of Lydia de Vega, Cecil Licad and Manny Pacquaio. Recently, I've even heard one Manga artist is a Pinoy. I don't deny the reality of the situation. However, one may consider that their success is NOT because they are Pinoy but because of their hard work and talent. It's okay to admire them and be proud of them but their victories DO NOT make the Pinoys the greatest race on Earth.

As I've said, everyone's success is attributed to work and talent, not based on race. Pinoys who are hardworking and use their talent right will succeed even if it's not big time. Freeriding on successful Pinoys robs credit from the Pinoy who has achieved big time creating a culture that rewards the lazy Failipinos and punishes the diligent Pinoys. It also creates a culture of laziness which says, "Well we are Pinoys, we are destined to succeed no matter what right?" If that were true then why is the Philippines full of poor people like one good example is, why do many OFWs remain poor?

Not to mention, it also creates a culture of arrogance and Pinoy ethnocentrism. It can go on and on, because of free riding. Arrogance because these free riding Pinoys will brag they are the best based on a certain successful Pinoy. It also shows their wrong attitude of being racist Pinoys. In return this makes them sore losers. They also believe they are entitled to victories and achievements not rightfully theirs just because a certain Pinoy won. However Failipinos have absolutely no right to claim the success of enlightened Pinoys.

The hypocrisy of Pinoy Pride has always been this. A Pinoy gets enlightened and deviates from typical Pinoy (FLIPFAG) culture, they all mock him/her for being different. Do they even ask themselves why certain Pinoys end up going abroad? Please, no more of the Pinoys taking over the world. Pinoys end up going abroad to where their hard work and talent is recognized. Then the problem kicks in when the Pinoy becomes successful. These Failipinos start to free ride o that successful Pinoy then dump him/her when time of failure comes.