Why Getting Mad at Other Countries For Executing GUILTY Pinoys Won't Help the Philippines

I just read the latest issue involving the execution of OFW, Carlito Lana (by beheading) last December 11, 2014. He was executed for murdering a Saudi national. Right now, the government as always, tries to intercede. Again, the Philippines can always go back to one attitude that's making it bad for tourism - VICTIM CARD MENTALITY!

I don't want to keep repeating myself but Migraine International (Migrante International) is already repeating the SAME victim card all over again and so are other groups like Gabriela. One can remember the Flor Contemplacion execution (for PROVEN MURDER) last March 17, 1995. On March 30, 2011 one can think of the deaths of Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain who were CONVICTED DRUG MULES.

So what's the real situation? They have vigils and ceremonies to hope to convince the other country not to execute justice on Pinoys who deserve it. Do these people have the mentality that if you are a Pinoy, you can do no crime? It reminds me of the late Leo Echegaray's last words, "Filipino killed by a fellow Filipino." which is a very good example of victim card mentality.

Going back to Flor Contemplacion, it still sickens me think why a convicted killer like her gets a state funeral. Her children Sandrex (deceased), Joel and Jun-jun were given scholarships by the Ramos Administration. It became a day to burn the Singaporean flag. They even made a fabricated movie called "The Flor Contemplacion Story" starring Nora Aunor as well as her twin sons Joel and Jun-jun. The whole film was a chock full of victim mentality. It also deviated from the reality that was proven... Singapore's autopsy was far more accurate. Delia Maga and Nicholas Huang were really killed by Flor Contemplacion. Every story to try to prove her innocent were nothing but fabrications.

Although no state funeral was held for the three drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain but the same stupidity went on. The problem escalated when some Failipinos said the darnest things. Some people even declared heroes out of three executed CRIMINALS. It proves the dysfunction of Failipino culture. The culture of thinking every Pinoy is innocent, no Pinoy can do wrong, etc. might as well be named as the "Flor Contemplacion Syndrome" or the "Migraine International Syndrome". Justice for them? Why not justice for ALL the victims of their drug habits.

Continuing the habit of portraying Filipinos as "oppressed by other nations" when it isn't true is a real problem. Who would want to invest in the Philippines with sore loser culture prevalent? Note that many of these people come from Imperial Manila where lifestyle is very expensive. Why do investors in the Philippines choose the Visayas? It's because the Visayas has better culture. Cebu for instance is becoming more and more business oriented compared to Imperial Manila. If that continues, how can the Philippines the really receive real progress?

One may consider the consequences if those guilty Pinoy criminals were deported back to the Philippines. What if these guilty Pinoys were robbers, rapists, swindlers, murderers and drug agents? Getting rid of them in other countries should be a favor for the Philippines. Just think any criminal that the Philippine authorities failed to catch eventually get their own karmic backlash abroad. Letting those scumbags return to Philippine soil will further threaten the welfare of the country and other Pinoys. Those Failipinos need to think twice if they even want those criminals back in the Philippines or what they would do if a fellow Failipino committed a crime against them.