Are Those Failipino Activist Groups REALLY Helping OFWs (In General) or Not?!

It's really something when a Filipino-Chinese like me gets to sit down with decent Pinoys who are fed up with leftists like Migraine International, Akbobo, Anak ng Bobo, Bobo Muna and Gabriela to name a few.  The problem has been there ever since Singapore justly and rightfully executed Flor Contemplacion after a three years FAIR investigation.  All these types of behavior are one of the many reasons why the Philippines gets a bad image.

It came into my head when someone said that their actions actually aren't helping OFWs in general, maybe just Overseas Failipinos not the good Overseas Filipinos.  Come to think of it, I even hear that statement from Pinoys who are OFWs because they were planning to migrate and two, former OFWs who have gotten out of poverty unlike most OFWs who belong to the Failipino sector.  Some Pinoys I know even say, "You can't deny it but those groups are KSP or kulang sa pansin (lacking attention).  All they want is attention to further their selfish ambitions."

Now this is just a maybe, the keyword is maybe.  But by looking at the situation, you can tell how these Failipino activists sympathize and rationalize the wrong actions of again GUILTY Pinoys abroad.  What it looks like this is this, they are putting a front for their stupid Pinoy Pride agenda.  They are trying to show the world that Pinoys can do no wrong and in the process, exploit OFWs in general to further their causes socially and politically.  That's the way things look like doesn't it?  Every campaign these groups have is always, "Putting the nation first." or "Bayan Muna" better yet known as Bobo Muna, trying to gain the wins of gullible Pinoys knowing enlightened Pinoys are a hard catch.
Also, they are victimizing decent OFWs to be not nationalistic.  They want to make sure everybody sides with all Pinoys as long as it's convenient.  If one has to review the Flor Contemplacion movie, just look at the facts it twisted.  The second autopsy by Delia Maga was fabricated and in the Philippines, fabrication of documents is easily done.  It can be done by a sympathizer or to a crooked person you can bribe.  The movie diverted the truth that Delia Maga was really killed by Flor Contemplacion, instead shifting the blame to her employer.  Likewise, it's very common to see how decent Pinoys are the real victims of Failipino culture.

What happens also in justifying the acts of guilty OFWs, it also puts every decent OFW in danger. In a past incident, a Pinoy got killed by a fellow Pinoy in Saudi Arabia... and what will they answer for that?!  It was just like as I said, Delia Maga.  Delia Maga's diary proved Flor Contemplacion was guilty, she was killed by a fellow Pinay.  Don't believe that B.S. movie.  Also for all you know, more Pinoys abroad may have been murdered by fellow Pinoys abroad.  In what way?  Just think of it... Failipino Pinoys have their ego trips.  They believe in the cover-up culture.  Pinoys who are smart and rational do not and they will even risk their necks to turn over any guilty person in the workplace.  Sad to say but such heroism is hardly praised because of ego trips.

It's really time to think - does the cover up culture promoted by Failipino activists make life worth living for in the Philippines?