Why Fixing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Top Priority!

Remember sloganeering "It's More Fun in the Philippines" isn't going to change the truth. In business, sloganeering may help you get attention in the short run but word of mouth is far more powerful than sloganeering. David Guerrero may have been high on drugs when he wrote that slogan. Doesn't he realize also another problem with tourism can be the NAIA Airport?

Based on my experience, the NAIA last 2007 had its fair share of problems. Rude staff, bad service, you have a lot of delays... and now it's gotten worse with President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino III. It wasn't that bad during the rule of former president Gloria Arroyo. President Nobita's system of mediocrity has caused problems to escalate even more. Airconditioning problems, debris problems and toilet problems are NOT a joke. Even last time, some passengers complained of the stench of the septic tanks and the very high temperature.

Now how can the problems of the NAIA backfire at the slogan "It's More Fun in the Philippines"? Remember the slogan promises that it's "more fun" but as said, testimonials will always beat taglines. The Philippines has nice spots, no questions asked but the problem is, having to pass through a grueling experience through Imperial Manila's NAIA can be a real problem. If Imperial Manila really wants to be glorious, it should also fix its problems and not be cry babies. How can it be more fun in the Philippines when problems like bad services are a reality?!

The NAIA Airport NEEDS serious rehabilitation so it will get out of the top ten world's airports. What can be done for a start is to be strict with policies. Start penalizing and fining people for throwing their garbage. Have proper maintenance. Require accountability. Those stuff DO NOT require a Bill Gates or Lucio Tan to know that good service makes good revenue. Airports play an important part in tourism and it cannot be ignored.

It's time to bring the issue up yet again. President Nobita is just free riding on his parents. The name Ninoy can be associated with fighting for freedom and betterment but sad to say, President Nobita's lack of concern is dangerous. If he wants investments and tourism to improve, why doesn't he really focus on fixing the airport? He can't say, "Well at least there are still planes and it's operational, that will do." BECAUSE without maintenance, what good are planes and a non-operational airport? Soon it will become non-operational with that kind of thinking.

On the other hand, some airports in the Philippines have had better services. Mactan Cebu International Airport and Surigao Airport have provided better services. Although the terminal fee still exists but they have provided better services than NAIA.