An Open Letter to Peacekappia for December 31, 2014

Peacekappia commented on this post:

I'm a Filipino and even I agree with all the points made. I hate the Victim/Slave Mentality that is prevalent in our culture. It's hard to admit but I tend to be very critical when it comes to Filipinos claiming to be raped/abused especially when the accused is a foreigner. And the activist groups supporting them, splashing their names in the media, clearly have their own agendas outside of fighting for rights. About Filipino drug mules and such convicted of their crimes? Most, if not all, went into their situations with eyes wide open. I say, let them take accountability for their decisions. They wanted easy money, decided to commit a crime and got caught. Easy as that. Why waste tax payer's money to let the Vice President travel abroad and make useless appeals? What the Philippine government should do is make sure that trials are done fairly then accept the judicial decision. No need for media posturing. Don't even get me started on Filipino entertainment!

To my fellow Pinoys, poverty is very real in our country and we should learn to dig ourselves out of it with honor and honesty. And stop playing the victim if one is truly not.

My response:

Dear Peacekappia,

Thank for for taking time to comment on this blog.  I am wary that one day, more trolls will enter this blog.  You can see them attacking positive websites like "Get Real Philippines" because they cannot accept the truth.  Let me respond to you with this open letter.  I hope you can share more of your thoughts.  You have given me such a comment that has encouraged me to fight on.

First, you hate the victim/slave mentality.  I also hate it too.  You have pointed out what has been wrong with a lot of people.  I experience it often with many workers.  Like for example, I tried scolding one of my workers as professionally as possible and I got accused of being oppressed.  They just refuse to differentiate discipline from dictatorship.  For them, they prefer to only have fun.  For them, the world revolves around them and that everybody is their slave.  So when they are told to submit to authority even when nothing wrong is done, they show their pitful side.

Second, you stated that you are critical to Filipinos claiming to be raped/abused when the accused is a foreigner.  True that there are Filipinos who are raped/abused.  I could raise the issue or we both can raise the issue that rape does happen.  However in Saudi, it can be true that Pinay maids aren't the only victim.  So any rape victim must be avenged regardless of ethnicity.  You may also think about the reality that some Filipinos hide behind the victim when they are not victim. Some feingn rape, torture, etc. to get away with their crime even when evidence is proven otherwise.

Third, you stated that activist groups have their own agendas.  If you may, can you suggest why they are having their own agendas?  May I name my reasons.  Based on my observation, their agendas are to gain attention to forward their political ambitions.  I would even dare say that those leftists/activists like Bobo Muna, AkBobo and Migraine Internationa are begging for attention.  All that attention means they will get sympathy votes.  Sad to say but sympathy votes are a very huge reality.  Why do you think President Benigno Simeon "Nobita' C. Aquino won in the first place?

Fourth, you have mentioned Filipino drug mules and the like must do the time since they did the time.  It's sad really that the Philippines has no culture of accountability.  Instead of condemning, they end up condoning the crimes of their fellow Filipino, perhaps in the name of nationalism.  What I find hypocritical is that they condemn other nations for doing justice to guilty Filipinos then they want guilty foreigners punished.  It's plain double standard.  Worse, they are making heroes out of criminals like giving them a hero's burial.  It's indeed a waste of taxpayer's money.  

Indeed, you have presented these valid claims.  I hope to hear from you again.